Ministry of Finance in favor of reforming system

Ministry of Finance in favor of reforming the system of coefficients in the CTP

Ministry of Finance is ready to launch a review of the system of coefficients in the CTP, which are used in the calculation of the cost of the policies. This made several public statements said Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev, the fact that such discussions agency "Interfax" He confirmed the deputy head of the Financial Policy Department of the Ministry of Finance Vera Balakirev.

She said that "while discussions on a possible reform of the system of coefficients in CTP just begun, conducted in-depth discussion, we examine a range of ideas and proposals. Only specific agencies can offer to prepare after their analysis, to achieve some clarity on the appropriateness of these or other ideas about changes in the approaches to the reform of the coefficients in the CTP".

The purpose of such reforms – the creation of a more transparent, simple and fair system of coefficients, said V.Balakireva. She called the current grid of regional factors "too cumbersome".

CTP existence of another factor, "bound" to the power of the car, the representatives of the Ministry of Finance seems to be ineffective, and the impact on the amount of damage – unproven.

"On the other hand, so far they have not taken into account when calculating the cost of the policy CTP intensity of utilization of transport, including the persons who are the professional drivers. And this factor just has a significant impact on the statistics of loss, a significant effect of this factor on accident statistics"- he added V.Balakireva.

However, she said that a review of the coefficients will not lead to overall increase in tariffs in the CTP, also will not change the width of the range of tariff corridor.

A source familiar with the discussions initiated by the Ministry of Finance, explained "Interfax", what "CTP current statistics shows that, while maintaining the existing system of tariff factors CTP prices will inevitably need to increase, although it is not desirable".

According to him, "a range of new ideas for reforming the grid of coefficients in the CTP until really wide – from the abolition of a number of factors before their replacement or upgrading. Revolutionary enough, for example, looks like the idea of ​​removing legislative perimeter of tariff factors, regional factors in the CTP to ensure that the insurers themselves could they establish and apply in the territories, if they prove on the basis of the statistics need this" (Currently, all operating in MTPL tariff rates fixed by law, so the introduction of regional factors can be left to the discretion of the insurance community in agreement with the decision of the regulator This can be a step towards the liberalization of tariffs in the CTP.).

In turn, the executive director of the Russian Union of Insurers (RSA) Evgeny Ufimtsev said the agency "Interfax", what "Ministry of Finance formulated no proposals to change the tariff coefficients in CTP union did not get statistics on this subject have not requested the SAR agency".

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