This is a demo version of the indicator TOMA, a limited character USDCAD. The full version is available on the indicator page
A clear vision of the trend is the key to successful trading. Indicator TOMA (Trend of MA) shows the trend line behavior nuances constructed on the moving average. The indicator shows the direction of the trend, gives signals about the strength of the trend, the possibility of changing the motion and confirm the start of a new trend.
Experienced traders say for sure trade is quite a moving average. Indicator Trend of MA will help you understand the practical use of MA in trade, to build and improve their own strategies.

When you imagine the price movement as the moving average, it becomes important that the behavior of the line with respect to history. Indicator demonstrates update minima / maxima of the line and constructs a trend line for the data. Using a trend line, its direction and color, as well as the mapped signals, you will see the points of origin, approval and change of trend. Use these points as reference when building their strategies. For visual evaluation of the movement forces are lines similar B.bands. Classic Bands strategies applicable to TOMA indicator.

The indicator is not redrawn, works on any instrument and any timeframe.

display line

  • TREND – a trend line that is based on MA. Displayed in three colors. The blue color means confident the upward movement, the downward red confident and gray uncertain movement and a possible change of direction.
  • MAXHIGH – line delineating mA maximum for the period. Coloring is similar TREND
  • MINLOW – line indicating the minimum MA for the period under review. Coloring is similar TREND
  • UPPER BAND, LOWER BAND – upper and lower framing line. Visualize the relative growth of minima / maxima.
  • MA – moving average, on the basis of which make building

displayed signals

  • Possible change of trend – red / blue thin needle about MAXHIGH / MINLOW line indicates a possible direction
  • trend change confirmation – thick red / blue arrow around TREND line, indicating a steady trend
  • Fixed momentum – yellow check mark beside BAND lines. Denotes an increase in the distance between MAXHIGH and MINLOW. It confirms the trend.
  • Completion pulse – approximately BAND yellow cross lines. Denotes shortening the distance between MAXHIGH and MINLOW and sliding movement. Often it is the birthplace of a new trend.


  • MA_METHOD – type of moving average
  • MA_APPLIED – the price at which it is considered average
  • MA_PERIOD – MA period
  • MA_SHIFT – MA shift
  • DEPTH – depth review of the history of
  • BAND_DISTANCE – the value of indent Band
  • ARROWS_LIMIT – the maximum number of displayed signals


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