Deputy Prime Minister Dvorkovich supported proposal

Deputy Prime Minister Dvorkovich supported the proposal to reset the export duty on wheat

Agriculture Ministry proposal to reset the export duty was supported at the meeting, Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, said the ministry and the attendee.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, in the case of a positive decision of the Government, the fee will be reset to July 2018.

The representative Aliya Samigullina Dvorkovich confirmed the discussions duties at a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister, noting that the final decision rests with the chairman of the Russian government.

Now in Russia operates a floating export tax on wheat, which is 50 percent of the customs value of minus 6,500 rubles per tonne, but not less than 10 rubles per ton.

The export duty was introduced in Russia in the summer of last year to curb grain exports in the event of a sharp drop in the ruble. Earlier this year, the authorities began to actively discuss the possibility of canceling or resetting the current export duty, as it came, and to remove from under it some high-quality varieties.

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