Indicator for GBPUSD

Indicator for GBPUSD

The indicator produces a signal for opening an order to buy (up arrow) or sell (down arrow). It works only with the financial instrument for GBPUSD. It can be used as a signal for closing the previously open order. For example, the appearance of the signal for the purchase can be considered as a signal for closing the order, the previously open for sale. The indicator works on the older and younger timeframes. The indicator can be used in a strategy based on trade in the channel.

The minimum number of settings:

  • w =?0?- draws arrows.
  • w = 1 – Draws a line instead of the arrows (may be needed if many other elements in the chart, that may impede visibility arrows).
  • br =?0?- It handles all the beverage, the primary operating mode (mode supports mapping arrows).
  • br = 20 – a positive number – the number of the last processed bars. In this mode, only the built channel lines, arrows are displayed.
  • Channel = 0, 1, – two different embodiment of a trunk circuit, a different number (e.g., 3) – without displaying the channel lines
  • Sound – FALSE / TRUE value – a window with the message signal (implemented by the operator Alert)
  • Email – FALSE / TRUE value – Signal message is sent by e-mail (sold SendMail operator)
  • SNotification – FALSE / TRUE value – a signal is sent to a mobile device (sold SendNotification operator)
  • info_time – used only if the set to TRUE for one of the variables Sound, Email or SNotification. The value of the variable determines that the notification of the new signal will be sent no earlier than a specified number of minutes after sending this notice. For example, set to 15. The notification about the signal was sent at 17:03. Then there was another signal recorded at 17:13, but the notification will not be sent. Notification of the following signals will be sent at 17:36, since the interval between sending longer predetermined parameter info_time 15 minutes.

Indicator for GBPUSD

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