Forex Voyager Lite

Forex Voyager Lite

Who will be interested in this product:

  • who are used to diversify the portfolio of a large number of pairs.
  • who works with a large number of orders
  • who trade on news of pending orders (see. “Grid request” tab).

The panel is designed to manage a large number of orders was as easy as one.

The lite version. Available: GBPUSD, EURGBP, AUDUSD.

Trading” box

Tab “Request”

There are formed currency pairs and types of orders to open. Ask prices and stop levels.

The user can determine the value of the price in points and in prices. To the left of the price you will see a “lock” icon. If the “lock” is closed, the level is defined in paragraphs. If the “lock” is open, it is necessary to make price and the number of points be counted automatically.

Important! “Locks” used in other tabs, so please remember the meaning of their application. Available there is a hint – the window in which to make the price or items. It noted in a different color. Place the cursor on the field, you’ll see a prompt “Price” or “Pip”.

Generate the list of currency pairs, the user can open them or delete unnecessary.

Important! Save or load your list of pairs or portfolio performed in the window “Menu” at the top of the panel.

Tab “Request”, Table View

Another embodiment with pending orders represented as Grid-mode. Go into it, you can by clicking on the command “Change to grid”. List of steam for this mode is formed separately from the Request mode.

the user can make a number of points to the right window Set pip and click on the button all the symbols for easy installation of the distance to the market.

Action buttons:

  • “Open Sell Stop” – only “Sell Stop” order will be put on the market. “Open Sell Limit”, “Open Buy Limit”, “Open Buy Stop” work similarly.
  • “Set pip” (on the right side panel) – smash all the items on all currency pairs and in all types of orders.

Important! Pay attention to the specified item orders. If it is zero, the order will not be opened.

Tab “Positions”

All executed orders are displayed on the “Positions” tab.

Closing orders performed on the button Close All, Close or Close sell. You can also change the number of closed lots in CloseLot column.

Modification of stop-loss / take-profit: click on the SL or TP field, after entering the data click the Modify button on the right. If you want to delete the SL or TP, then fill in 0.

Module “Additional function” It is activated by clicking on the command “Show additional function” in the title bar. You get access to the features: a trailing stop (TralSL) – the distance in points with activation and virtual foot (VirtSL / VirtTP).

Important! Virtual stops and trailing – active panel functions. Panel for their work to be included in the chart, and trade should be allowed.

The tab “Summary”

In this tab, all open orders by generalized character and direction. The user can close all the character position or a specific direction, or all at once.

This tab is also equipped with the closure of the virtual footsteps, expressed in monetary units. The bottom line Total value applies to all characters at once.

Important! If you want to control loss by using Virt SL, you should make a negative amount in this column. If the portfolio has reached profits and you want to lock in profits on the rollback, then you need to make is already a positive number.

Tab “Orders”

This tab is where all pending orders. The user can remove them at the All Cancel or Cancel, modify the entry price, to change the stop level.

The tab “Summary”

This tab summarizes information on all pending orders for the symbol and the direction and given the opportunity to remove the same way as on the outcome of the tab positions.

“Analysis” Panel

The indicator will calculate the price changes during the “LookBack” bars (takes OpenPrice character in the past and expects earnings to date).

The indicator can be applied to the data of “Request” tab (prospects with the portfolio that he has chosen, but not yet opened positions) or “Positions” (to keep track of the current position):

  • current income
  • the period of time requested by the bars
  • extremes drawdown and profit
  • the length of time during which the portfolio had a loss and profit

Forex Voyager Lite


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