Active Expert

Active Expert

News adviser with automatic trading mode! Active Expert waits strong movement and enters the market at a penetration of mobile levels where orders are placed and buystop sellstop. Further transaction accompanied trailing stop or closed by take-profit or stop-loss. The counselor has an internal filter to improve the quality of trade and reduce the load on the broker server is in active trade. I recommend all to run Advisor just before the release of important news 15 minutes before the news, with the settings that you yourself will choose for themselves the results of testing on a demo account. The robot has a possibility to trade options on the news on the day of the week.

to the account requirements: a leverage of 1: 500, a small spread, it is desirable to 5 decimal places, a good broker with a minimum of slippage at opening transactions.

Councilor value can increase after every few sales!

councilor settings

Basic settings

  • Lot – Lot of the first order.
  • Auto_lot – Automatic exposure of the lot as a percentage of the deposit. If there is a value of 0, the lot is taken from the parameter above.
  • Step – Step up from the current price of pending orders.
  • RestartTime – Lifetime pending orders in minutes.
  • Martingale – Martingale. If the value is 0, it is disabled.
  • TakeProfit – Take Profit orders. If the value is 0, it is disabled.
  • StopLoss – Stop-loss orders. If the value is 0, it is disabled.
  • TrailingStop – Trailing Stop. If the value is 0, it is disabled.
  • TrailingStep – Step trailing stop.
  • Breakeven – breakeven. This specifies the distance, in points, through which the work breakeven. At 0, breakeven disabled.
  • S_breakeven – How many points to defend.

Time settings

  • Monday – Work Is Monday. If you put a true – to work that day, false – do not work.
  • Hour start – the start of an hour.
  • Minute start – minute start.
  • Hour stop – Stop Hour.
  • Minute stop – stop minute.

Further there are similar settings for each day of the week …

Additional settings

  • Magic number – Magic number.
  • Color_buy – Color warrants to purchase.
  • Color_sell – Color of sell orders.
  • Show_information – Displays information (if tests turn off for faster testing).
  • Color_information – Color information.

Before buying a robot, carefully read the test results. Remember that news trading is very laborious exercise, and your success is highly dependent on the selected broker and conditions of the account. If you can not trade the news, do not buy this EA because it can quickly lose the deposit.
Active Expert

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