MIDAS Trading Tools

MIDAS Trading Tools

MIDAS (an abbreviation of the Market Interpretation / Data Analysis System – System Market Interpretation / Data Analysis) – a groundbreaking work technical analyst Paul Levine (Paul Levine). MIDAS approach – an advanced approach to the market, successfully kickbacks exciting market and predicting peaks / troughs with a very particular precision.

The following instructions and information in the best case will only give a basic understanding of the MIDAS system of technical analysis. Traders interested in MIDAS indicators, it is strongly recommended to buy the book “Technical MIDAS analysis approach VWAP to trade and investment in the market today” ( “MIDAS Technical Analysis: A VWAP Approach to Trading and Investing in Todays Markets”), written Endryu Koulzom and David Hawkins (Andrew Coles, David Hawkins), to fully explore and understand the power of the MIDAS system of technical analysis.

Curves MIDAS support and resistance

Curves MIDAS S / R + High + Low form a channel, which is a dynamic support and resistance levels on the market. It works extremely well for capturing failure of pulses and / or breakthroughs.

When and how to use the curve (s) MIDAS S / R + High + Low

  1. Determine rapid price movement (impulse and / or sample) on any market.
  2. Run curve MIDAS S / R at the beginning of the accelerated motion.
  3. Wait until the price retrace back to the curve MIDAS S / R.
  4. Look for any kind of amplification chance that the price will respond to the curve MIDAS S / R, for example, the divergence (under conditions perekuplennosti / pereprodannosti) and others.
  5. Open position with a stop loss above / below MIDAS S / R curve.

Top / Bottom Finder

  • TB Finder (Top / Bottom Finder – “determinant peaks / troughs”) – an algorithm that with proper use of the right shows how much of the total volume or “fuel” available to the trend, therefore it can be used to predict the end of the trend or the end of the market sentiment . When used properly with other market forecasting tools, you can get very accurate information about the turns, as well as trading signals for entry and / or exit from the position.
  • When approaching T-B Finder to the point of burnout, its color gradient changes, becoming darker and richer. At the end of the curve T-B Finder also shows the percentage (%), indicating how much the total volume or “fuel” is already spent.

When and how to use the T-B Finder

  1. Determine accelerated price movement, at rates at which it is impossible to revert back curve support / MIDAS resistance.
  2. Run curve T-B Finder superimposed on the first roll back (rollback, which could not reach curve support / MIDAS resistance).
  3. Determine where it ends – it will burn point (spent 100% of total or “fuel”), then
  4. Suppose that at the end will have some form of price reaction, especially and most often roll back to the nearest curve support / MIDAS resistance.


  • Show Shifted VWAP: True / False – (Display displacement curve MIDAS)
  • Show Shifted VWAP2: True / False – (Display displacement curve MIDAS)
  • Show Top Finder: True / False – (Show Top / Bottom Finder)
  • Top Finder Volume Num Bars30 – (SelVybor volume to be used Top / Bottom Finder)
  • Show Percent: True / False – (Display percentage for Top / Bottom Finder)

Magic Number: 1 – the magic number (important: must assign a unique number for each copy that is running on schedule or profile MetaTrader 4 terminal.

MIDAS Trading Tools

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