Power robot

Power robot

Power robot EA trade automatically. Moving Average Indicators used in the trading system. Opens deal BUY and SELL. Exposes the initial stop-loss and take-profit on the deal. A feature of the robot is avtomodifikatsiya lot parameters stop-loss and take profit. If the deal is closed at a loss, the robot automatically changes the settings and each time overlaps loss profit. EA is set up on a pair EURUSD, tested on the M5 timeframe in a while 2014.01.01-2015.01.16.


  • Initial_deposit = 3000 initial deposit.
  • Auto_invest = True avtoinvestirovaniya switch.
  • Peroid_smoothing_prices = 5 period indicator Moving Average.
  • Period_breakthrough = 26 indicator period Moving Average.
  • Quality_breakthrough = 2 indent of the price.
  • TakeProfit_BUY = 100 take profit on the transaction BUY.
  • TakeProfit_SELL = 100 take profit on the deal SELL.
  • StopLoss_BUY = 100 stop-loss on the transaction BUY.
  • StopLoss_SELL = 100 stop-loss transactions on SELL.
  • Max_Lot = 2 the highest possible auction.
  • Lots_BUY = 0.1 Lot transaction BUY.
  • Lots_SELL = 0.1 Lot SELL deal.
  • Lot_size = 0.1 minimum lot.
  • Plus_lot = 0.2 lot for covering losses.
  • TrailingStop = 100000 trailing stop.

Power robot

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