Hedge funds are tied for dollar’s decline

Hedge funds are tied for the dollar’s decline

On Friday, the US dollar fell to a 10-month low, ending a week with the worst result since May, as economic indicators fell short of forecasts, and thus sown among the serious concerns of market participants about the prospects of further tightening of Fed policy this year. Analysts have different banks, including Mizuho and Wells Fargo, believe that in connection with the upcoming meeting of the ECB’s monetary policy dollar could fall even more. The euro last week stimulus boost to growth through the news that ECB President Mario Draghi will visit in August, the US Federal Reserve symposium: talking about the fact that Draghi will take advantage of this opportunity to give a signal about its future plans in respect of realized ECB bond purchase program. In addition, last week, the Bank of Canada for the first time in nearly seven years, has upped the ante, led to strong growth in the Canadian dollar, and it also served as a stark reminder of the markets that other world of the Central Bank will overtake Fed also starting to enter the path of tightening.

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