Averaging Channel

Averaging Channel

Trading robot is adapted to work on a real account. Trade is carried within the channel, the limited sliding means. Transactions are opened only on trend near the boundary line. Take Profit is set on the opposite side of the channel. Transactions are protected by a stop loss.

Features of the trading strategy

Robot calculates trend channel bounded moving averages. Gradient channel line determines the direction and strength of the trend. Entering the market is made at prices approaching the boundary line. Gain is fixed near the line on the opposite side of the channel. Since the transaction open only in the direction of the trend, the majority of deals closed with profit. Losing positions are averaged additional transactions which are designed so that their aggregate also closed with profit (it is smaller than in the basic mode, but the overall result to be positive). With an increase in the deposit money management due to increased volume of transactions to reconcile profitability and risk of the funds available. Testing and use of the robot shown in the video.


The parameters set by default, optimized to trade with minimal risk to the EURUSD H1. Testing with these parameters was performed on a live account quotes a broker Alpari. Test results: a robot with an initial deposit of $ 1,000 on the instrument EURUSD H1, in the period from 01.01.16 on 05.31.17 earned $ 550, net profit on trades was 55%. Increased initial deposit and initial lots proportionally increase profitability. Also, there is potential for its extension by simply optimizing multiple input parameters.

Recommendations for use

To operate the robot no indicators are needed, all necessary algorithms are contained in a single file of the robot. For visual observation of the channel lines, it is desirable (but not required) to use a standard indicator Moving Average. Its period is set so as robot parameter Period lines of the channel. It is desirable to establish a graph of the indicator 3: With Application to High, Low and Median prices.

The robot is easily optimized to work on other currency pairs and time frames. The parameters that it is desirable to optimize are indicated below with (*). Features of optimization will tell the buyer in a personal message.


Main settings

  • Language – robot language messages (English, Russian);
  • Magic number – magic number for orders;
  • Method of smoothing lines of the channel – channel lines smoothing method;
  • Period lines of the channel – period moving average channel; (*)
  • Entry criteria – distance to the trend line (in% of the channel width) for trade entry / exit of the transaction;
  • Gradient criteria – minimum channel gradient, wherein the allowed entry into the market, nm; (*)
  • Offset for determining Gradient criteria – historical displacement bar, which is determined with respect to the gradient;
  • Distance to belay purposes – distance to belay purposes, Fri.

averaging parameters

  • Use martingale – use Martingale (Yes, No);
  • Step of averaging positions – homogenization step, Fri (*);
  • Coefficient of change of the lot – Lot magnification ratio;
  • Maximum number of steps for averaging positions – the maximum number of averaging steps (in excess of all closed) (*);
  • Coefficient of stop – stop ratio (the proportion of the averaging step, which determines the level of the last stop order, 0.1 … 1) (*);
  • Specified profit with averaging – given averaging profit, $ 0.01 Lot.

Extra options

  • Clearance – gap above characteristic points (points);
  • Use money management – the use of capital controls (Yes, No).
  • Initial lot – the initial lot.

interface Settings allow you to set the display style of on-screen information and comments does not require.

The robot can be used for a 5-digit or four-digit quotations. Bit quotations robot detects automatically. In this case, the input parameters specified in clauses should always ask for the 5-digit quotes (installed by default).

If you have questions, write me a private message. We are pleased to help on any issue.
Averaging Channel


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