DETAILED DESCRIPTION advisor WaveFighter MultiPowe

DETAILED DESCRIPTION advisor WaveFighter MultiPower

Basic information:

Platform: Metatrader 4
timeframe: M5
Trading Hours: around the clock
Recommended account: 5-digits with a small spread.
Min. deposit for min. risk:
– 10000 deposit units 2-4 pairs
– 20,000 units to deposit 5 pairs

Running advisor

Run Advisor necessary timeframe M5. When you configure note the checkbox “Allow live trading“. It must be activated, otherwise the EA will not work. Also in the terminal as a whole must be enabled automated trading. This is done in the terminal settings (Ctrl + O) in the tab “Advisors”. After all the settings, confirm the installation on schedule advisor. If the chart is no warning messages, and at the top right advisor smile smiling – congratulations, you did everything right. Within a few seconds, should exhibit first order.

Requirements advisor to the type of account

It is desirable that the account should be a five-digit. The four-digit account advisor will also work, but without the necessary precision to it.

Councilor results are significantly improved with a decrease in the spread. Therefore, we recommend to choose the account where the currencies traded spread less than three points (four-digit), and better – not more than two. It is also important to re-quotes and no delays, which can lead to an error 129 (invalid price) or 138 (new price) when you try opening closing order. In this case advisor work may be compromised. We have made every effort to prevent this from happening, but if the broker will not close the deal on time, it is clear that trade is disrupted.

EA should be started 24 hours 5 days a week. For this purpose it is necessary either to keep your computer on all the time, or rent a VPS-server.

Recommended risk settings

(All figures are based on expert testing in the past and for one pair. You can (and desirable) to start the adviser on several pairs, thereby increasing profit and risk sharing. A list of recommended pairs was given at the beginning of the instructions.)

Minimal risk (about 5-7% per month, chances are drained by minimal):

Deposit – between 10,000 and above, Lot – 0.01 to 10,000

Medium risk (10-15% per month, chances are drained slightly higher, though not large)

Deposit – 5000, Lot – 0.01 to 5000

High risk (about 17-25% per month, the risk of draining too big, so you need to regularly earned profits display):

Deposit – 2500 Offer – 0.01 2500

Maximum risk (35-50% per month, drain quickly and at any time, earned income should be regularly display):

Deposit – 1000 Offer – 0.01 for the 1000

For those who want to trade with the most minimal and the risk-free options – use a deposit of 20 million units to 0.01 lot on five pairs.

Number of traded pairs. The more – the more potential profit and the greater the load on the deposit, which leads to increased risks. However, much better combine trade on several pairs with minimal risk, than to trade one for the high / maximum, while keeping the same result at the output.

Description advisor strategy:

Read more about the main algorithm. When the adviser runs, two trades open the same initial lots – BUY and SELL. Further, all depends on the market for each particular pair, say the price goes up. Thus, the network (or is still only one warrant) BUY goes in the plus and closes to achieve a profit in money or profit in points, depending on what is reached first. These parameters are set in the settings. After closing order BUY automatically opens a new one. SELL warrant in this case goes to minus. When the distance from the current price to SELL orders is greater than the minimum distance between the orders, the work come advisor filters. Upon receipt of the signal – warrant additional exposed SELL larger lot. And so until then, until the market developed downward. Then SELL network closes profit paragraphs or profit money (whichever is reached first). After closing at once exhibited a new order SELL initial lot automatically. SELL to close the grid had to move down, and then BUY the network probably already lined up the same way as the previously built SELL network.

This process occurs continuously and cyclically.

Now more details about the mechanism of billing transactions. The advisor is no longer a clear filter that says – Now we expose the deal, and now do not put. Depending on the market (the trend, the flat) running different filters. Thus in a flat transaction are exposed more often closed network very quickly. When there is a trend, it triggered another filter that keeps out the deal more harshly, so as not to gain lotnost in large movements. When the trend turns back into a flat, again activated more loyal filter and “pulls” the network plus.

In addition, this version of the adviser works only for the pair, which is running. We also have a version that implements multicurrency software. Currency pairs there are pre-installed in the code, you will either allow trade on a particular pair, or not allow, is not bothered with the launch of EA on each pair individually.

Also present in the EA automatic calculation of the lot and other parameters responsible for risk, simply enter them only once, and count for each individual deposit is not necessary.

Description parameter

(All settings in the entry point in the conventional four-points, they are automatically converted to five-digit account):

risk settings:

  • Automatic calculation of the lot – actually be calculated automatically if the lot or will be taken from the following fixed parameter.
  • Starting lot … – take this lot and either sell (when disconnected avtoraschete) or build the proportion in relation to the next parameter, and our current deposit.
  • … for this deposit – and this deposit and relate a lot. Suppose you have to account 20 000 cents. In the settings put the lot on 0.01 10000. Then we calculate the trading lot by the formula: Lot = 20000 * 0.01 / 10000. It is easy to see that in this case the trading lot is 0.02. This formula uses and Advisor.
  • Profit in the currency in which the closed network – this option have each pair individually, but also a parameter risk. Suppose a network recruit more lotnost but leaves plus. Thus it is much faster earns $ 1 (10, 100 dollars, depending on the lot), what comes to profit in points (default is 20 points). Upon reaching the network imposed by profit – it closes. Note that this option works like the lot of the ratio, but in this case it relates to the number 1000. That is, if you have a bill of thousands of units, then when the profit on the network, equal to this parameter it will be closed. If you deposit 10 000, the network will be closed when the profit is 10 times greater than that specified in this parameter.

General settings:

  • Coefficient – this number is multiplied by the lot of each of the next order
  • The minimum distance between the network orders – the minimum possible distance between the opening of orders in points. It will not necessarily be that way, but less would not be in any way.
  • Profit paragraphs, wherein the closed network – when the network of this level of profit in points, it will be closed.
  • The percentage of subsidence, in which all transactions will close – if you want to protect yourself from large drawdowns can enter the percentage of subsidence, in which a loss is recorded.
  • The magic number – number that distinguishes the warrant advisor from other orders.

Link to Counselor:

Video of the adviser:

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