RSI Mirrors and Reflections MT5

RSI Mirrors and Reflections MT5

“Fights between bulls and bears continue to affect the price even after the fighting ended, leaving a muddy field, which is attentive professionals can use for risk management and search capabilities. Use the analysis” trend mirrors “for the study of such volatile areas to search actions in the past that have influenced the current trend, in which the price is set and crosses the border. “

Indicator RSI Mirrors and Reflections It provides a reliable technique using multiple RSI periods as well as mirrors and reflections based RSI values ​​for displaying price movement and force reversals. Calculated at three reflection RSI up and down: separation and RSI divergence indicates strong reflections coming price movement (see screenshots) and crossing the long term lines RSI RSI is the confirmation of the trend. Mirrors (line) above and below the construct can be used in combination with reflections (filled bars) and monitor the power of price movements and their disappearance.

As shown in the screenshots, the indicator RSI Mirrors and Reflections can be used to determine the strong price movements, trend tracking, and preventing premature failure, which could be accomplished only when trading spark or via a more limited indicators. In addition to self-use, it is extremely flexible display can be used to complement the trading strategies on any timeframes and symbols. It works great in conjunction with the MACD and moving averages.


  • RSI of Period 1 (default = 14) during the calculation of the short-term RSI
  • RSI of Period 2 (default = 50) during the calculation of long-term RSI
  • Plot RSI Reflection Lines (default = true): to display a trend line via reflection shaded bars for better visualization
  • Plot RSI Mirror Lines (default = true): to display on the graph a value RSI mirrors
  • Reflection bar width (default = 4): The thickness of the reflection bars

For ease of display, RSI values ​​are set in the range from -50 to 50, instead of from 0 to 100.

RSI Mirrors and Reflections MT5

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