Australian we believe

The Australian we believe

Another one
day of sharp fluctuations in the pound and the “Aussie” – GBP / USD moving in
200-point range, and AUD / USD – 100-point. In the history of
pound, is rumored to have worked some kind of big deal, carried out apparently
by mistake, and at the time of low liquidity. However, after a short
correction the pair still continued to grow as the site Betfair calculated probability
that Britain will remain part of the EU as 72% -ing. This is serious discord with
a series of previously published surveys from other agencies. However, we already have
It warned that a referendum will be approaching the degree of volatility
grow. But the dynamics of AUD / USD It was fully justified by fundamental
Data: RBA at a meeting of the monetary policy decided not to reduce the

markets are still in the positive, aided by positive
dynamics in the commodities market. Brent It closed the trading day in positive territory in
the area of ​​$ 51.45. / bbl. The precious metals market silver and gold
put under slight pressure.
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