SFE Fire and Forget S1

SFE Fire and Forget S1

We are introducing a system of Fire and Forget System (F&F S1). It has no external parameters, it does not need optimization.

You need a reliable system, but you do not have the time or inclination to spend hours optimizing and change the settings to adapt to changing market conditions? SFE Fire and Forget System 1 will come to your aid.

The system uses a simple, yet effective installation on the behavior of prices to enter the market, as well as a simple but effective management of open orders, which do not need to be optimized, since they work over the years in all markets.

This is not a configurable system. Good work over the past few years and are just a few of the rules on the use of an expert is the best guarantee of excellent performance in the future.

Pairs and time frames

Advisor can work with different pairs, it works best with EURUSD. Check out the latest information on all the recommended pairs and time frames to signal the page or in the product discussion.

Recommended timeframes from best to worst: M5, M15, M30, H1

Recommended balance

The minimum recommended balance for councilor – $ 500, but we recommend a balance of at least $ 3,000 for the use of all possibilities advisor (diversified management of open positions with the partial closure).

To control the size of the convenience of the transaction in the EA offers automatic determination of the lot “Autolot”.

other features

  • The lack of risk associated with an inactive market. The signals appearing in the market hours when the couples have better liquidity and spread.
  • Martingale, grid, hedging is not used.
  • No scalping, works with all brokers. The system wide enough stop loss and take profit. It does not depend on the spread or slippage. Duration of transactions ranging from several minutes to several days. In any case, for best results, use ECN broker with a good spread.
  • I miss the news gaps. Some signals appear after the news release, but only in the beginning of the next bar, avoiding gaps that arise in the “news” bars.
  • Real correspondence between the tester and the actual operations. You will see a great similarity between the operations in the tester and a real account. In this expert given special attention.
  • Do not load the processor. The system operates at the first tick of a new bar.


  • Broker_Server_GMT_Winter : Shift time broker of GMT in winter.
  • Broker_Adapt_GMT_On_DST_Period : Specify the value “yes”, if the broker uses daylight saving time.
  • Use_Internal_Hours: Enter “no”, if you want to set your own trading hours (open position) in the next parameter.
  • Trading_Hours: Custom trading time at which the advisor will open positions. Parameter works with Use_Internal_Hours = “no”. Values ​​from 1 to 23, separated by commas. -1 means all the time.
  • Fixed_Order_Size: The volume of orders (the parameter used when Apply_Autolot function is selected).
  • Apply_Autolot: Select “yes”, to the size of transactions is determined automatically.
  • Autolot_Risk_Level: The level of risk (the parameter used for selected Apply_Autolot).
  • Autolot_Balance_Percentage: Percentage of the account balance adviser for trading (value from 0.0 to 200.0).
  • Order_Comment: Comment on warrants.
  • Apply_FIFO_Compliant: Should be set to yes only if your trading account according to FIFO rule.
  • Test_Hour: The value from -2 to 23, is used for testing on the history of the search for the best hours to trade. -2 means “use automatically a certain time.” -1 means all the time. From 0 to 23 is the hour (time on the broker’s server). Preferred trading hours can be specified in Trading_Hours parameter.

SFE Fire and Forget S1

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