Click Info Free

Click Info Free

Click Info Free It is a simple indicator that allows the trader to quickly get information about the values ​​of High, Low, Open, Close, Time of the current chart.

To get information on the bar, you need to click the left mouse button on the selected candle.

Depending on the settings pop-up window or Alert Comment, which displays information.

Information about the bar values ​​(High, Low, Open, Close, Time) can be extremely useful in trading practice in the graphical analysis, evaluation Price Action Patterns in the VSA system for comparative evaluation of the spread (price ranges bars).

Click Info Free only works on the AUDUSD currency pair. The full version allows you to use any symbol indicator.

Link to the full version:


  • info – parameter responsible for the output of information can take values ​​Alert and Comment. When configuring Alert data can be copied to the clipboard, and therefore, to insert in a text editor and Excel.

By purchasing this indicator, you get:

  • Free product support.
  • Regular updates.
  • Unique light and has no analogues.


Evgeny Belyaev, a professional programmer and successful trader.

Click Info Free

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