How to 24 years to earn $ 1 5 million

How to 24 years to earn $ 1.5 million?

Life Path Laura Pedersen, had time to go and the youngest
woman on Wall Street, the famous and best-selling author, is
an example of a successful career, created entirely by hand.

Laura was born in Buffalo, in the state of Ny York, October 8, 1968.
Outstanding commercial talent began to emerge when Laura was only
6 years. She has successfully traded in tomatoes grown in the garden mother.
In addition to trade vegetables Laura little amused by playing poker
(Quite successfully), I attended the horse races, betting on horses.

On its tenth anniversary Lora Pedersen asked a rather unusual gift,
not a doll or a ball gown, and shares of the company Pepsi. And in
aged 14 years old went to New York to take a tour of
AMEX (American Stock Exchange).

In 18 years, Laura left the University of Michigan, studied there for no more than a semester. As she had said: “I
I would go to the West, in Hollywood, if I had a desire to become an actress. But I
I wanted to make a fortune, and therefore went to the East,
Wall Street”.

In early 1984, Laura Pedersen began her financial career in
office clerk. Her weekly earnings was only
$ 120. After going through several companies, she opted for
Spear, Leeds Kellogg, where he was appointed Secretary of traders. In
the absence of traders in the workplace, Laura successfully replacing them,
mastering the full “battle and obscene gestures,” the world of trading.

At the age of 22 years, Laura has received financial degree in New York
University. Reaching the rank of a certified specialist, she soon
It becomes a partner of the company and the youngest woman, which had its own
place on the New York Stock Exchange.

For 4 years of work on the company Laura brought to its partners
5.3 mln. USD of net profit. But over time, she began
some health problems, such as hearing, seeing and
throat. Doctors advised her to give up trading. ’24 Laura
Pedersen left the stock exchange earning at that time for yourself
personally about 1.5 million. dollars.

During all that time, when life revolved around Laura Exchange
She kept a diary, which became for her a kind of test of the pen. A diary
This turned into a book «Play Money» ( «play money”), published in
1999. The book, which later became a bestseller, tells the story of
harsh everyday life of gamblers, about the atmosphere of the trading floor of the
the unspoken rules of existence in the market. The book describes the amazing
cases, for example, stories of traders who refused to leave the shopping
room during a fire to bid, for fear that they will lose

Now Laura Pedersen is a successful writer, the author of many best sellers and popular novels.

For short career in the field of exchange, as a young girl, she
was able to make a fortune, presented the financial independence and
the opportunity to do things you love – literature.

Now Ms Pedersen writer teaches art at the Training Center
Booker and it is part of a worldwide association of writers P.E.N.

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