Magistr AIV

Magistr AIV

job options

In the first
Alternatively, if the parameter job = 0, the program works like a classic adviser, ie It does not sell itself, but it helps a trader supplying
information about the detected signal on
purchase or sale (hint displayed in the information window and / or
email – configurable option).

In a second embodiment,
work – job = 1,2,3 or 4, the program opens and closes the transaction in accordance
with the settings specified by the trader, that is, it acts as a trade

Features trade

Working with the senior timeframe (by hour or more) in many
cases, you can more clearly define the trend of changes in the market than you
on a smaller timeframe. Offered
strategy assumes an average opening of no more than one transaction per day
selected financial instrument, as a buy or sell signal when
the proposed values ​​for the coefficients and WavePeriod AvgPeriod
formed once for a few days while working on the hourly timeframe (H1).

it has been observed during the testing and analysis, which is often enough to generate
a series of closely spaced to each other on the time interval signals on
buy (sell). If a signal is recorded in a day, and not a series, the motion,
usually it takes place in the direction signaled. During
Trade for visualization can be used MAGISTR AIV indicator light on the basis of which was developed by this

If the image of a series of orders
(For the mode, the program can open more than one order), the order,
open the first signal goes negative, but the last order the series as
usually quickly turns into a plus, becomes profitable. With considering
that said, it is advisable to open each subsequent series order is formed
increasing lot that allows one to quickly move to a common plus,
closing the warrant series with profit. It is important to note that if trading is allowed
against the global trend (express strong trend on D1 timeframe)
in the series may be of the order of 10 orders. It should be considered, if used
strategy to increase the lot for each
following order on the basis of full or partial martingale.

It seems appropriate, if there was only one signal for the night and opened order profitable, when the
uncommitted certain level of profit (profit), e.g., 50
points, the amount of which determines the trader with regard to its vision
market situation, move SL to the level of preservation of the profit (for example,
25-30 points). This approach allows you to get more money using
movement of the trend, as deal closes the trader, periodically moving
SL and protecting typed in the course of trade profits. This order, followed by
hand, is derived from the change in scope of control adviser (recommended
increasing the value by 1) determining the values ​​of their orders,
used advisor (variable magic). Probably that formed
series in the presence of her current orders with a loss of unfixed
approach is not appropriate. This series should be closed with minimal profit
bezubytka when the level as quickly as possible. 

Input parameters

In brackets
specified defaults.

  • WavePeriod (10) – moving the first coefficient
  • AvgPeriod (21), – the coefficient of the second moving average;
  • SL (0) – when the order is closed setpoint
    for loss, 0 – closing of the order manually;
  • TP (97) – when the order is closed setpoint
    profit, 0 – closing of the order manually;
  • magic (1) – a unique “magic” number
    for warrants offered by the robot;
  • Lot (0.1) – the initial value of the lot;
  • job (1) – the type of work:
    • 0 – only recommendations (advice) for the opening of the order
      for sale (purchase), works as a Commercial Counselor;
    • 1 – open orders for the purchase and sale of
    • 2 – Open orders only to buy;
    • 3 – Open orders only to sell;
    • 4 – open order to buy or sell at
      signal. Only one open order until it is closed – the new order does not open;
  • anti (0) – no signal inverted 1 –
    invert (the signal of the basic model for sale – buy, with a signal at
    buy – sell);
  • klot (0.1) – Lot increase following
    open orders by this value;
  • SoundAlert (0) – visual notification (Alert), 0
    – not active (OFF), 1 – active (included);
  • EmailAlert (0) – e-mail notification
    (E-mail), 0 – not active (off), 1 – active (on);
  • globaltakeprofit (105) – if the sum
    unfixed profit on all open orders becomes equal to or greater
    this value, all open orders are closed program, profit
    fixed value – 0 – option disabled;
  • globalloss (0) – if the amount of non-fixed
    loss on all open orders becomes equal to or greater than this value,
    all open orders are closed program, the loss is fixed value – 0 –
    option is disabled;
  • n (3000) – the number of elements in the arrays used
    to work with moving averages;
  • sn (1) – send notifications using MetaQuotes ID (Push-Notification). 1 – send, 0 – do not send.

Recommendation on the use

  1. sell
    Only in the direction of a global trend (determined by the elder can
    timeframe, e.g. D1),
    if there is no explicit trend, it allows the program to open both types
  2. If
    at the senior timeframe is a strong trend, then attempt to trade on both sides
    It will lead to the fact that the suspension of the trend (there is a small correction
    always) will open a series of orders against the trend, the profits of which will
    is minimal, if at all. Price slightly slows down a bit
    regresses to jerk in the direction of the trend with a bang. With this in mind,
    We run two copies (two copies of the program in two separate windows) with different
    values ​​of magic. The first instance – trade with the trend, job is 2 or 3 depending on the type of trend,
    anti parameter is 0. The second copy –
    trade against the trend, job is 2 or 3
    depending on the type of trend, but anti is 1, i.e. inverted signal.
    Trade second instance more risky and more profitable. If not
    confident that the trend is strong – do not work with the second instance.
  3.  Remember that the program does not work on the principle of
    – I launched and forgotten. The program allows you to maintain the tactical line without your
    participation by working on the hourly timeframe, but a global strategy – without trend
    upward or downward trend in the higher timeframes define yourself.
    Remember that trends on the D1
    not unfold simultaneously, suppose that a trader can once a day or
    Two look at the graph of D1
    and to define a global strategy and tactics of this strategy program
    It fulfills itself.

My personal method

  1. I choose a few pairs, analyzed by the D1, on which there is a strong, pronounced
    strong trend or flat. For these couples bidding if it is not clear – do not trade,
    I watch other couples.
  2. Use MAGISTR AIV indicator light to visualize, because
    fairly well visible when there may be a signal.
  3. Once the order is received 50 pips
    (Here and hereinafter – the four-points) – I translate the order to breakeven and changing
    the value of magic, increased by 1. After that, the program has no control over the order. By
    warrant put closing upon reaching 150 pips or second embodiment –
    obtained unfixed profit 150 points, defending 100 pips
    transfer to breakeven 250 obtained – breakeven stand 200, etc.
  4. If you can not track quickly, then
    program sells itself. Once a day – three days determined by the global trend
    trend and indicates that the program should be to trade on it.

Magistr AIV

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