HACKING MARKET EURUSD Real talk How beautiful

HACKING THE MARKET. EUR / USD. Real talk. How beautiful it is

Greetings to you, dear reader! Beautiful day today.

I want to congratulate those who now goes to school if there are any. Although
congratulate itself is nothing, except the fact that you are young, and this
very cool! Time passes inexorably fast, so do not delay
nothing on then, do at once. Know that you can absolutely everything, and not
waste time, go for it!

And now on the market.

The previous review – https://www.mql5.com/ru/blogs/post/706197
And once a picture with him
HACKING MARKET EURUSD Real talk How beautiful

As mentioned in the previous review, if the support ZONE 2 will not let us move above ZONE 4, we’re going to test support ZONE 3 and there you can search for purchase.

See the picture right now.

HACKING MARKET EURUSD Real talk How beautiful

As I mentioned, after a brief fixation position as the largest player in the ZONE 1, It starts balanced environment (the flat).
The price is very precisely worked to support ZONE 3 and 1 day went about 150 points. AT 15:30 there were serious news and the market began a little sausage.

Given that today is Friday, plus because of the news market is a little
podlihoradilo and most importantly, we are in a balanced environment, it is best
Now stay out of the market and wait for Monday. Those who bought at the
support ZONE 3, the handsome and if closed at a news fever even more handsome. And if not, in any case, STOP bezubytka in, you can not bathe.

But still I want to give a comment to the current situation.


Thinking out loud…
If you hold ZONE 2 and clips over ZONE 4,
is a very good bullish signal, the flat continues, but for shopping
too high, we will, it will be possible to look deeper into the situation, and
accurately find the entry point to buy on pullbacks.

If fixes somewhere between ZONE 3 and 4,
we will continue to develop the flat between them and without a good reaction to the ZONE
3 will go to test our key blue level. And there are likely
it will be possible to look for buying already the situation.

So far, as mentioned earlier in the week, reversal signs yet,
globally bullish trend. Locally balanskaya environment that is flat. in a flat
We must be very careful to sell, so look forward to Monday and carefully
will look for an entry point)


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