Prise Reversal mt5

Prise Reversal mt5

Those interested can download LED demo version, that does not display its data on the last 25 bars, but is ideal for testing.

Oscillator, which takes into account data from a number of standard indicators, as well as some models of price movements on the basis of what has already generates its signals. Prise Reversal helps to identify turning points in the flat, as well as the extremes of price movement in the trend. At these points can engage against the trend with short take-profit. They also indicate times when you can not open the deal with the trend.

An indicator:

  • Periodindicator period. Default – 14.

For getting correct entry points is recommended:

  1. Choose indicator parameters for each traded currency pair and respective timeframe;
  2. Receive the signal at first larger timeframe (for example, per hour), then wait for a similar signal at the low (say, the quarter).
  3. Use the indicator data for values ​​more or less 77-80 23-20.

Prise Reversal mt5


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