Trading Strategy:

The strategy is based on the fact that after a “strong” traffic will be rolled back.
Indicators are not used, there is only the price analysis. Options
(EMovement, eRecoil, eTakeProfit, eNextTrade, eRiskMove) are for
4-digit quotes. If the expert is working on the pair having 3 or
5-digit quotes the expert multiplied them by 10 himself.

Expert exposes the pending orders, if the motion is against us,
averaging the price. You can limit the number of refills. Expert
analyzes the parameters and if they contradict each other,
expert does not start and displays a corresponding message. Parameter
eIsRisk determines trading volume of the expert: 0 – continuous auction, 1-5
Lot increase the size of available funds (1-5 percent).

Displaying messages in the EA made on 2 languages
(EN-English, RU-Russian). The expert has flexible settings, which allow each trader
customize it to fit your work style. A good solution for those who want to
get ready for a little money expert.

Input parameters:

  • eLang – message display language (EN, RU);
  • eCalcPeriod – period for the motion search in hours;
  • eMovement – movement in the points;
  • eRecoil – rollback in points;
  • eTakeProfit – Profit in points;
  • eNextTrade – how many points the next trade;
  • eLot – the initial auction;
  • Emagic – Magick;
  • eKolTradeIncrease – transaction, after which the increase in the lots begins;
  • eKoeff – Lot magnification ratio;
  • eSlippage – slippage;
  • eViewLogs – show log: 1 – Yes, 0 – No;
  • eIsRisk – Lot increase the size of available funds – (1-10)
    protsentouv (percentage may be fractional, e.g., 1.5%), 0 – no
  • eIsMod – use modification: 1 – Yes, 0 – No (exhibits
    profit from a fractal, which is lower than our position that allows you to increase
    the number of positive transactions);
  • eRefilling – number of refills after the 1st of the transaction;
  • eRiskMove – a lot of traffic, followed by an hour is not necessary to carry out the transaction;
  • eRiskPeriod – the time it takes to wait (0, no filter).

Version of the MetaTrader 5 can be downloaded here:


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