This tool allows you to use hidden pending orders (buy / sell limit; buy / sell stop)

This adviser, so it must be stored in the Experts folder.

Run it on any graph with any period.

You place the necessary pending order, counselor remembers it (the opening price, volume, instrument, stop loss, take profit, etc.) and then removes (hides from the broker). As soon as the price reaches the level specified in your pending order, open the expert deal with the parameters of your order’s removal.

At the top of the graph displays information about pending orders list (see. Screenshots)

The advisor is only one input parameter: return_mode = True / false

If the return_mode = True, when you remove an expert from the chart, it returns all of them hidden (deleted) orders that have not yet been established on the market.

If return_mode = False, when you delete a schedule Advisor returns orders.

If you have questions, please contact me:

Address skype: cuongph149

email hungcuongkhmt51@gmail.com

Thank you!


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