Undermining global energy security over next

Undermining global energy security over the next 10 years is not expected

Output of investment from the oil and gas industry threatens to undermine global energy security, according to Saudi Aramco and Royal Dutch Shell. But in the next 10 years, the undermining of the world is not threatened.

Demand for oil and gas will not be affected by the development of alternative energy sources and the spread of electric vehicles. The company notes that a shift towards renewable sources of energy is, but it does not affect the oil and gas industry.

His views of the representatives of the two major oil companies in the world have done at an energy conference in Istanbul.

The head of Saudi Aramco Amin Nasser explained that the opinion of a rapid transition to alternative sources – is wrong. The head of Royal Dutch Shell, Ben van Burden said that the transition will not be soon, it will be delayed for several generations, do not expect any revolution.

Nasser cited as an example with such difficulty mastering the world of electric vehicles, the share of which, despite all efforts, no more than 0.2% today. But even if the world implements all the agreement of the Paris Agreement on the climate, the share of electric vehicles will not exceed 10%.

80 years – that’s a term that sets Nasser on the transition to electric transport and a significant abandonment of oil. Approximately the same humanity passed on oil and coal, says the head of Saudi Aramco.

“In general, alternative energy sources – the prospect of development of the industry in the coming decades, – commented Elena Lashkina, Assistant Minister – a spokesman for the mayor. – Acceleration of the process can give as an introduction to the industrial revolution of new technologies, as well as the unfavorable situation is not the oil market and the world’s hydrocarbon reserves. “

All the talk about reducing the demand for hydrocarbons will only lead to a reduction of investment and, consequently, to the curtailment of exploration and production. Only in the last 3 years the industry has received less 1 trillion dollars of investment, which has led to increased concerns over the available fuel stocks.

Ben Van Burden, nevertheless, made a nod in the direction of new energy sources, saying that the company has in recent years spent in research in this area annually $ 1 billion. Wang Benden also noticed that some of the industry, which has extensive oil and gas, in general, according to current concepts, electrification can not be – is air and marine transportation, and the chemical processes in heavy industry.

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