EA trades with the trend, gradually increasing the deposit.

This is a conservative medium- or long-term adviser is required to work a minimum of 10 000.00 (? / $).

Recommended broker: five-digit quotes, the minimum lot size – no more than 0.01, competitive spreads, leverage – 50: 1 (please me / look at the “discussion” section for more details).

Dynamic lot size with increasing volume as capital growth.

When tested on the history of humble set to false.

Input parameters

  • humble = false (Used during re-initialization, if StageLoss has a negative value for the symbol after a profit for this symbol)
  • inputRLoopT = 0.0 (Used with a humble, contact me and I will instruct you about the correct settings based on your specific situation)
  • MagicNumber = 1234 (Default value, can be changed)
  • Warning = Warning: do not activate Hyper without consultation with the developer
  • Hyper = false (With Hyper given a list of characters is not required, it is necessary when working on very unstable characters, usually on the indices, the adviser is not calculated on the correct operation of Hyper each symbol, since it is not the main way to trade advisor)

More about humble

Humble option should only be enabled, if a profit, and StageLoss value is negative. When this happens for the first time, please contact me so that I can ensure the correct use of humble and give the necessary explanations. You must make sure that the wrong deal with historical data sent by your broker, do not change the behavior of an adviser to the re-initialization.

A warning

Please do not use the product in conjunction with other advisors on one character even on different timeframes.

Recommended symbols (These symbols have been carefully selected in the course of development, the adviser did not go through the optimization, as it changes its behavior in accordance with the market situation, respectively, optimization does not change the behavior of the adviser):

  • SG30SGD
  • XAUHKD (gold / Hong Kong Dollar)
  • XAGEUR (silver / euros)
  • XAGGBP (silver / lb)
  • XAGUSD (US silver / dollar)
  • XAUEUR (gold / euro)
  • XAUGBP (gold / lb)
  • XAUUSD (US gold / dollar)
  • XPTUSD (platinum)

Additional Information

If you want to use the lower shoulder contact me and I modify advisor as necessary.

Large shoulder is strongly discouraged.

Although it is not required for functionality, I recommend using the advisor on most (if not all) of these characters to achieve the annual target values.

several test reports on the stories in the screenshot attached.

Test results on the stories of other brokers may be different (see “Discussion” section).


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