Oil will continue to grow if Iran will allow

Oil will continue to grow … if Iran will allow

Market every day behave quieter, trying to find new drivers for
dynamics. Demand for “asylum” has weakened, which resulted in a narrow range of EUR / USD
and USD / JPY. Commodity currencies also behaved with restraint. British
data have pleased yesterday, as the number of unemployed decreased by 14.8 thousand.
against the forecast of decline by 3 thousand. GBP / USD I tried to gain a foothold above
1.43, but investors have used the correction as an opportunity to enter the sales
at more attractive levels.

rally in
the stock market will continue, and even pessimistic tone of the FOMC minutes failed
turn around sentiment. Most of the major bechmarkov added more than 2%, and
the leaders were French CAC 40. Brent shook from a minimum
31.80 dollars. / Bbl to a maximum of 34.80. Gold It traded near 1206
dollars. / oz.
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