Auto Recovery

auto Recovery

Auto Recovery – is a fully automatic expert. He puts additional orders if the current order or orders are in the floating loss, and recovery of transactions it will set the final line of all transactions at one point. To use this advisor must use the recommended balance, the spread is not a problem for Auto Recovery, but a broker with low spreads will be useful. Working with a broker, providing the maximum margin is the key to this adviser, also make sure that your broker does not use stop-out at an early stage.

Monitoring product signals:

Auto Recovery works seamlessly with any broker on any pair of any spread and execution.

For any assistance, please write to the author.


  • Use VPS-server
  • Only timeframe H1
  • Use the recommended balance
  • If possible, use an account without swap
  • Do not increase the size of the additional lot against your balance
  • Be patient for recovery sometimes takes a few days

Input parameters

  • Lots – Selecting the size of the lot
  • AutoLot – If true, uses money management
  • ChangeLot @ – resizing lots after a certain balance
  • Close @ DD – closing at a loss, if false is disabled
  • CloseDD% – Drawdown Percentage
  • CloseAtProfit – Closing in profits, while Disable off
  • CloseProfit – Closing the current profit in the currency or pips
  • Break Time – Pause after the order execution
  • TPLevel – The level of profit for the grid
  • LotBooster – The increase in the lot size for the grid
  • OrderDistance – The distance between the orders in paragraphs
  • Magic No – Unique identifier expert warrants
  • Alert Balance – Low balance alert when

When current settings Advisor uses only the micro-lots to reduce the load on the means, but you can set your own value according to your balance.

Auto Recovery


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