Quantum Tick Volumes Indicator

Quantum Tick Volumes Indicator

Many Forex-traders believe that such a thing as the volume of the foreign exchange market does not exist. And there will be in its own right. Central trading floor still has not been established. And even if she was, what data about obmom it could provide?

We are dealing with trading activity, which is expressed in the tick volume. After all, the volume – it is simply a manifestation of the activity of buyers and sellers in the market. That is, to get on the amount of data required to analyze the activity and vice versa – data on the volume needed for analysis of the activity. It’s simple. Quantum Tick Volumes indicator takes tick data MT4 platform and displays them on a graph in a convenient visual form.

Firstly, the light paints the volume bars, using the colors of candles on the candlestick chart. This means that you can quickly compare the price and the volume bars. When trading on the basis of volume and price – it is a necessity. The result of the analysis will depend on the speed of the interpretation of the relationship of volume and price.

Secondly, on the basis of daily data the indicator plotted dynamic level, giving you a snapshot of volume (high, medium or low) on the selected timeframe. Again, it is essential for the correct analysis of price / volume dynamics. In addition, the volume of which is considered to be average in the London session, it may be high for the Asian session. Dynamic level immediately identifies it, helping you to understand the highs and lows of each volume bar.

Click here to learn how to configure the Quantum Tick Volumes indicator. 

Quantum Tick Volumes Indicator

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