Abrupt400 – Intraday trading system running on a sliding short-term price movements.

The expert can work on other currency pairs. It is possible to turn the martingale, that requires special care.

Acquainted with the statistics of the expert’s work for different brokers on different instruments in the section Trading Signals for MetaTrader 4.


Management of risks:

  • enter volume – the amount of input. If the value is greater than 0 – number of lots, less than 0 – percentage of available resources is equal to 0 – input suspended.
  • factor of volume – volume factor (<0 = off).
  • delay factor of volume – ratio determines the scope of opening prices Orders in which the volume of the multiplier is applied.
  • limit of number of addition – limiting the number of build positions.
  • limit step additions – limiting step build positions.
  • threshold expert stop (MarginLevel) – threshold margin stop increasing position. A value of 0 – stop there.
  • output threshold for losses – the threshold Equity / Balence relationship to exit the market at a loss.

Accompanying position:

  • take_profit – the number of items to be placed Take Profit (0 – stop is not placed is less than 0 – exhibited by the indicator).
  • stop_loss – the number of items to be placed Stop Loss (0 – stop is not placed, less than 0 – is exposed on the indicator).
  • trailing_stop – the number of items to be placed Trailing Stop (0 – off, less than 0 – traling on the indicator).
  • trailing mode – Option Trailing Stop
    • every_order (0) – each individually order
    • position_as (1) – trawl order as the position
    • to_lossless (2) – just prior to trawl bezubytka 

Strategy Settings:

  • accurate period – the period of fine tuning input.
  • accurate deviation – deviation accurate input settings.
  • defining period – the period of the main entrance of the settings.
  • defining deviation – deviation of the primary input setting.
  • general period – the period of the coarse adjustment input.
  • general deviation – deviation rough input settings.

Setting additional indicators:

  • tCCI period – the period of the additional indicator.
  • tCCI fast averaging period – the period for calculating the fast moving average additional indicator.
  • tCCI slow averaging period – the period for calculating the slow moving average additional indicator.

Temporal filter parameters:

  • GoodHourOfDay, BadHoursOfDay, GoodDayOfWeek, BadDaysOfWeek – are similar to the intraday time filter standard library.
  • time filter ban 1, time filter ban 2 – prohibitive filter intervals in string form. string format: [first day] – [last day]: [first hour] – [last hour]. Examples.
  • time filter hours shift – hour shift filter.

Extra options.

  • flag SMS-alerts sending – the threshold margin, below which is sent an SMS-message.
  • FIFO rules ON / OFF – if your broker when you close the orders require FIFO rules execution enable = true.

It is possible to select a timeframe for the indicators by setting the parameters of the time frame … ENUM_TIMEFRAMES enumeration values.



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