Management Dashbord

Management Dashbord

Utility Management Dashboard to quickly and conveniently displays information makes it easier to make trading decisions.

The utility displays:

  1. Important information about the account:
    • Account Trade Mode – trade regime in the long run: a real, demo and contest account.
    • Account Number – number of the currently connected accounts on which transactions are carried out.
    • Account Name – the trader name, which belongs to the current account.
    • Account Leverage – Leverage current account.
    • Account Stopout – stop-out bills, while reducing the margin to the level of stop-out of the transaction will be closed by margin calls.
  2. The remaining time until the end of the formation of the current candle.
  3. All traded symbols with useful information, including a magic number, type of transaction, sleoki size and income.

Timeframe: works on all timeframes in addition to the weekly and monthly.

Add comments if you have any suggestions for improvement.


Management Dashbord

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