The trade adviser using a strategy based on pullbacks price of the underlying trend – this is due to the necessity of consolidation of funds on the market before further continuation of the trend movement, and it is in such moments, the adviser opens a transaction on the indicator signal.


  • TotalSymbol – the number of active pairs 1 before 10 a drop-down list;
    • One_pair – a pair
    • Two_pairs – two pairs
    • Three_pairs – three pairs of
    • Four_pairs – four pairs of
    • Five_pairs – five pairs of
    • Six_pairs – six pairs of
    • Seven_pairs – seven pairs
    • Eight_pairs – eight pairs of
    • Nine_pairs – nine pairs
    • Ten_pairs – ten pairs of
  • Symbol_1 – symbol that will be used as first currency pair is represented as a drop down list for selection;
    • NOTUSE do not use;
    • EURUSD;
    • GBPUSD;
    • USDJPY;
    • USDCHF;
    • USDCAD;
    • AUDUSD;
    • NZDUSD;
    • EURCHF;
    • EURJPY;
    • EURGBP.
  • EURUSD – Here spelled currency pair EURUSD (prefix is ​​added automatically to couples);
  • _1_TakeProfit – distance for issuing take profit;
  • _1_StopLoss – exhibiting a distance to the stop-loss;
  • _1_MA – MA period indicator;
  • _1_WPR – period WPR indicator;
  • _1_ATR – period ATR indicator;
  • _1_CCI – CCI period indicator.

Below are a number of similar parameters that apply to the rest of the currency pairs.

  • UseTrailingStop – work permit flag trawl;
  • TrailStart – trawl start (in points);
  • TrailStep – trawl step (in points);
  • NoLoss – breakeven (in points);
  • MinProfitNoLoss – bezubytka minimum profit (in points);
  • Magic – Orders identifier;
  • MaxSpread – maximum spread;
  • Slippage – maximum slippage;
  • FixedLots – fixed lot when the lot automatic zero;
  • RiskPercent – automatic lot (total volume is distributed between the pairs equally);
  • MaxAccountTrades – the maximum number of simultaneously opened orders (0 – without restrictions);


  • Instant order execution – ECN (With minimum spreads, commissions and slippage);
  • Trouble-free connection to the server – VPS (With minimal network delay);
  • Currency pair GBPUSD (and EURUSD, USDJPY, USDCAD, USDCHF These couples have more modest results, on the other pairs do not recommend using a robot);
  • period schedule M15 (Strongly recommended).


TakeProfit thirty 1 100
StopLoss 10 1 70
MA 3 1 100
WPR 3 1 thirty
ATR 3 1 thirty
CCI 3 1 thirty

It is optimized for the current market conditions with 01.01.2016 year. Optimize the robot should be the last year, but not the entire story. You can optimize the robot throughout history, but this kind of optimization adjusts the robot on the most adverse market conditions of the past years and this robot will work with excessive caution, waiting for a repetition of such shocks, which are unlikely to recur. This significantly reduces the profit. Optimization is best done by open prices (thus optimizing the speed increases significantly), and check the results is required at all ticks.


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