Order forex

Order forex (forex order).

All purchases and sales of currencies through trade trader terminal manufactured using forex orders, so the trader is quite important to know what are the data commands and features of their performance.

Order forex (forex order) – order to open a new position in the foreign exchange market, or to perform any act in relation to the already existing. It is up to the tasks that are designed to solve this order, and will depend on its classification.

At this time, the system uses the following division of market orders:

1. At the time of execution – at instant and deferred instantly executed immediately, deferred in accordance with the specified parameters (time or the value of the exchange rate).

Pending orders has a lot of extra points, they are described in detail in the article at the link above.

2. Direction – purchase or sale, in the first case of buy the base currency in a currency pair, and the second, respectively, made it for sale.

3. Market or stop loss orders – at this moment should be to stop a few more:

Market order forex – is used for opening a new position, without it is not carried out any transaction in the forex. Call menu for issuing a new order by pressing the F9 key when running the trader’s terminal.

• Stop order forex – this group includes orders on closing deals, and three of them are exposed directly to the trader, and the two may be given to the broker.

Stop loss – helps reduce potential losses, specifying The rate at which the forex orders will close.

Take profit – performs a similar action, but for profitable transactions, closing them when the desired level of profitability.

Trailing Stop – moves towards stop loss profit, thereby fixing the result obtained in the area without loss.

Margin call – a level at which a trader can decide on closing a losing position, usually at least 50% of trader’s deposit.

Stop out – at the level of achievement that a trader compulsory close your position, the loss reached 80-90 per cent of all assets of the trader.

Warrant FX can perform both basic and advanced features to reduce the possible risks when trading in the forex market. And if the usual orders only require technical skills, then the fielding of stop orders is required to take into account a lot of different parts.

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