Breakdown Velocity

Breakdown Velocity

Breakdown Velocity – a fully automated trading system with which you will not miss any trends or sudden price movements.

The expert uses a custom indicators of trend growth and tick volume.

Main characteristics

  • Low drawdown!
  • Integrated system of money management
  • Use a stiff foot
  • Protection from high spreads
  • Anti-slip (to minimize losses and maximize profits)
  • It is not a grid-system
  • Not arbitration.
  • Do not customize the results by historical data
  • The maximum loss is no more than 60 points for 5 digit broker!

Input parameters

  1. Risk in% (set Lot = 0) (Risk Percentage) – How to set risks, see First steps.
  2. Lot – The default value is 0, if you set > 0 will disable Risk Percentage and begin to use a fixed lot.
  3. Check the maximum spread (Check the maximum spread) – Set this value to true to restrict trade at high spread.
  4. Max value for spread (Spread maximum value) – 9 recommended value.
  5. Mode value (from 0 to 40) (Mode) – How to set the operating mode, see. First steps.
  6. Stop Loss – The recommended value of 50 points.
  7. Add to MAGIC number (Add a number to the magic number) – If you plan to add an expert for several graphs, each of which uses different input parameters expert.
  8. Show info panel (Show dashboard) – Set to false, to expedite testing the expert on the history and for use on a virtual server.

First steps

  1. Install risk value Risk in% (set Lot = 0) 1% or set Lot a minimum (for example, 0.01). This will help you with the minimum risk to see an expert’s profitability in the real market, and test the integrity of your broker. After receiving the first set of revenue risk in the value of 2%, you can establish the risk value of 3% after a profit in the long range. the risk is not recommended to increase more.
  2. Set to Mode value (from 0 to 30) 4, it will allow you to reduce the risk of first loss. Then you can change the values ​​in the course of optimization.
  3. Advisor works with volatile currency pairs. Best of all EUR / USD all settings and tests will be carried out for this pair.


  1. ECN-broker with a low spread.
  2. Virtual hosting for around the clock operation advisor.

Breakdown Velocity

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