Ascent II

Ascent II

Ascent II Advisor is designed and developed by professionals from the company Cutting Edge Forex

  • Bidding for the breakdowns volatility timeframe M15. It intended to trade on the EURUSD.
  • It uses dynamic self-tuning purposes and foot.
  • 2 uses a strategy.
  • It limits the losses hold profitable positions open.
  • Designed by professionals.
  • Without the use of grid and martingale elements.
  • Designed, tested and optimized for high quality melon (Birt’s TDS).
  • It sells an average of once a week.
  • Very reliable. Not only survived, but some great shows for over 10 years in all market conditions (including experienced great financial crisis of 2008).

The strategy is based on the fact that the breakthroughs (caused by the news, trendline breakdowns, etc.) create trends. Ascent II detects such emerging trends and fill the position upon the occurrence of favorable conditions for profit.

Input parameters

  • Static Lot Size – Fixed lot size when cleared, the Advanced Money Management.
  • Advanced Money Management – at a value of true is switched lot size calculation based on a specified percentage.
  • Risk Setting – risk setting for the automatic calculation of the lot size.
  • Tag 1 – identifier for the at №1 strategy deals.
  • TP / SL ATR Bars – ATR bars for calculation purposes and stops.
  • TP Factor – ATR coefficient for calculation purposes.
  • SL Factor – ATR coefficient calculation stops.
  • Acceleration – number of bars.
  • Mass – number of bars.
  • Qualifier – logic volatility exception. Recommended range of 2.0 – 3.0.
  • MA-1 – number of bars for the MA-1.
  • MA 2 – number of bars for the MA 2.
  • Tag 2 – ID for transactions Strategy 2.
  • Enable Strategy 2 – Set to true to enable the strategy 2.
  • TP Factor 2 – ATR coefficient for calculation purposes.
  • SL Factor 2 – ATR coefficient for calculation purposes.
  • S2 ATR Bars – ATR bars for calculation purposes and stops.
  • S2 Qualifier – logic to determine the decreasing volatility.
  • RSI Bars – number of bars for the RSI.
  • RSI Cut Off – Number of disconnected RSI bars.
  • Use Initial Balance – Set to true for Ascent II with the selected balance.
  • Initial Balance Amount – Dedicated starting balance.
  • max Spread – maximum spread at the opening of the transaction.
  • 5 Digit Broker – Set to true for brokers with a 5-digit quotes.
  • max Positions – the maximum number of simultaneously open positions.
  • Show Warnings – If true, displays the warning.
  • Display Color – setting color values ​​from 1 to 10.
  • Transparent Display – It includes transparency of schedule.
  • Magic Number – transaction identifier. Use a unique number for each instance of the advisor.

The default settings are designed to work on EURUSD with M15 timeframe. Nevertheless, all the variables are editable, so you can customize Ascent II Advisor for a variety of instruments.

Ascent II

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