VirtualTradePad One Click Trading Panel

VirtualTradePad One Click Trading Panel

VirtualTradePad – main orders of the control panel in MetaTrader 5: buy, sell, buystop, buylimit, sellstop, selllimit, close, delete, modify, tralling stop.

This work won an honorable 2nd place in the competition “The Best Control Panel.”

The panel is composed of 5 tabs.


  • VirtualTradePad PositionsStyle
  • VirtualTradePad Ordersstyle
  • VirtualTradePad SignalsStyle
  • Display panel VirtualTradePad Lite
  • Profit or Loss Pad
  • INFO Pad

You can also try this panel to MetaTrader 4 terminal.

Important characteristics:

  • With the right position opening will sound the sound is the same as in the terminal at the opening;
  • If an error occurs, you hear the sound of an error;
  • You can not put a stop level is less than the minimum allowable server or 0;
  • The keys BUY, SELL arrow shows the change in the purchase price sales, respectively;
  • Information display name of the currency pair, the volume of open positions as well as the total profit on the currency;
  • The input parameters option: Show Hide tips when you hover over a button, as well as English / Russian language tips;
  • Close button – leads to the completion of the program;
  • Close Button Open – turns panel unfolds on the chart;
  • You can move the graph panel. To do this, click on the top panel of the line next to the Close button and the Close, and drag the toolbar to place convenient for you.

VirtualTradePad “Positions style”

This version is designed for trading orders BUY, SELL. As well as auxiliary functions, such as: Modification Stop loss, Take Profit, trailing stop, Flip position closing position.


  • Lots – lots of management object. By clicking on the “+ -” lots will increase in increments of a minimum lot available on the server. Offer does not fall below the minimum permitted lot on the server;
  • BUY – opening a position to buy (Ask price at the top);
  • SELL – opening position for sale (Bid price at the top);
  • REVERSE – coup function positions. Reverses 0 levels stop;
  • CLOSE – closing the entire position;
  • Takeprofit / Stoploss – choice of take-profit and stop-loss for the position. By clicking on the “+ -” take-profit / stop loss will be increased in increments of 1 point. Take Profit / Stop Loss will not fall below 0 or minimally available on the server. With zero by pressing the “+” Take Profit immediately take the minimum possible value to the server. If Take Profit / Stop Loss = 0, its value is displayed in red. If Take Profit / Stop Loss is not 0, the value is displayed in green;
  • MODIFY – urgent modification of the position with the set Take Profit / Stop Loss. You can also reset the stop level to 0 or change them;
  • Trailing stop – selection support an open position;
  • inclusion Trailing Stop – ON button. Included for the current selected pair. To turn off, press the OFF. Trailing Stop distance is determined by the level of Stop Loss parameter.

VirtualTradePad “Orders style”

This version is designed for trading orders Buy Stop, Buy Limit, Sell Stop and Sell Limit, as well as support functions such as Stop Loss and Take Profit orders the distance, setting the grid warrants removal orders.


  • Distance – the distance in points for departing pending orders. As is the case with the Take Profit / Stop Loss This value can not be set lower than the minimum permitted on the server;
  • TakeProfit – indent Take Profit for the pending order in the settlements;
  • StopLoss – Stop Loss indent pending order in points;
  • Lots – trade volume (lots) for the pending order;
  • Block PLACE – options open: Buy Stop, Sell Stop, Buy Limit, Sell Limit;
  • Block DELETE – removal options pending orders: Buy Stop, Sell Stop, Buy Limit, Sell Limit;
  • GRIDs – number of opened orders. If greater than 1, it turns net orders at the same distance from each other. In MetaTrader 5, this option is very useful, it can help at every level, we open additional items and drag our feet on a potentially new level. In other words – a Trailing Stop with the building lots.

VirtualTradePad “Signals style”

This version is for informational purposes. Analyzing the main trading strategy for indicators 10 and 8 FFs panel displays graphically direction signal.

graphic features

  • x – no signal;
  • Strelka up – signal BUY;
  • Down Arrow – signal SELL.

signal Description

Moving Average (MA) (Signal 1)

Signal is calculated by the relative position of two moving averages, one of which must have a smaller period (rapid MA) and the other, respectively, – the larger (slower MA). Their parameters can be set using the following variables:

  • MAFastPeriod and MASlowPeriod – periods of medium;
  • MAFastPrice and MASlowPrice – price calculation of the average;
  • MAFastShift and MASlowShift – right bias;
  • MAFastMethod and MASlowMethod – averaging method: simple, exponential, smoothed, linearly weighted.

BUY signal is output when the fast MA is located above the slow and SELL signal when the above rapid slow. State “no signal” is not used.

Moving Average Convergence / Divergence (MACD) (signal 2)

It operates four variables:

  • MACDFast – a period of rapid MA;
  • MACDSlow – during the slow MA;
  • MACDSignal – period of the signal MA;
  • MAPrice – price calculation of the average.

Signals are also simple: BUY – the main line above the signal, SELL – the main line below the signal. Status “No Signal” is not used.

Stochastic Oscillator (signal 3)

The oscillator consists of two lines – the main and the signal that allows you to trade the signals of the intersection of these lines. Therefore, such signals: BUY – above the main line signal, SELL – below the signal main line.

The options available to the user:

  • StochK -% K-period;
  • StochD -% D-period;
  • StochSlowing – slowing indicator;
  • StochPrice – calculating the price;
  • StochMethod – averaging method.

RSI indicator (signal 4)

Similar to the CCI and DeMarker. Signals are output from zones perekuplennosti (RSIHighLevel) and pereprodannosti (RSILowLevel). Therefore, rare BUY signals correspond to the intersection of the upper level downwards, and signals SELL – the intersection of the lower layer from the bottom up. The main condition – “no signal”. display period can be set in RSIPeriod parameter and calculating the price – in RSIPrice parameter.

Commodity Channel Index (CCI) (signal 5)

all three signals are also used, but the main condition is still “no signal”. Rare occurrence trade signals Compliant intersection upper level downwards (BUY) and the intersection of the lower layer from the bottom up (SELL). The upper and lower layers are defined by the value of the external parameters and CCIHighLevel CCILowLevel. Period and price calculation of the indicator values ​​are determined and CCIPeriod CCIPrice.

Williams Percent Range (WPR) (signal 6)

It is in line with the RSI, CCI and DeMarker. Therefore, the signals are similar: BUY – perekuplennosti level crossing (WPRHighLevel) downward and SELL – pereprodannosti level crossing (WPRLowLevel) upwards. Everything else – the “no signal”. Change is possible only from the outside parameter indicator period – WPRPeriod.

Bollinger bands (BB) (signal 7)

There are three types of signals: BUY – the closing price of the previous candle below the bottom line, the SELL – the closing price of the previous candle above the top line, “no signal” – the closing price of the candle between the lines. External variables:

  • BandsPeriod – indicator period;
  • BandsShift – offset to the right;
  • BandsDeviation – deviation;
  • BandsPrice – price calculation.

Alligator (ALI) (signal 8)

Since the indicator consists of three moving average lines, the parameters had quite a lot:

  • JawPeriod – between the jaws, blue line;
  • JawShift – a shift to the right of the jaws;
  • TeethPeriod – tooth period;
  • TeethShift – right shift teeth;
  • LipsPeriod – Lip period;
  • LipsShift – a shift to the right lip.

Also, for all lines use the same method of averaging (AlligatorMethod) and the calculation of the price (AlligatorPrice). feature of
indicator is the fact that all the lines have a positive shift to the right. This allows you to safely read the value of the indicator on the current bar as they are already precisely formed and may not be changed. Therefore, these signals are: BUY – Lip line above the line of teeth, and tooth line above the jaw line; SELL – lip line below the line of the teeth, and the teeth line below the jaw line. In all other cases there is no signal.

An indicator:

  • Moving Average parameters:
    • periodma1 = 8;
    • periodma2 = 16;
    • MAmethod = MODE_SMA;
    • MAprice = PRICE_CLOSE;
  • MACD parameters:
    • FastMACD = 110;
    • SlowMACD = 136;
    • MACDSMA = 14;
    • MACDprice = PRICE_LOW;
  • Stochastic Oscillator parameters:
    • SOPeriodK = 5;
    • SOPeriodD = 3;
    • SOslowing = 3;
    • SOmethod = MODE_SMA;
    • SOpricefield = STO_LOWHIGH;
  • RSI parameters:
    • RSIPeriod = 14;
    • RSIprice = PRICE_CLOSE;
  • CCI parameters:
    • CCIPeriod = 14;
    • CCIprice = PRICE_TYPICAL:
  • WPR parameters:
    • WPRPeriod = 14;
  • Bollinger Bands parameters:
    • BBPeriod = 20;
    • BBdeviation = 2.0;
    • BBprice = PRICE_CLOSE;
  • Alligator parameters:
    • ALjawperiod = 13;
    • ALteethperiod = 8;
    • ALlipsperiod = 5;
    • ALmethod = MODE_SMMA;
    • ALprice = PRICE_MEDIAN;
  • Ichimoku Kinko Hyo parameters:
    • IKHtenkansen = 9;
    • IKHkijunsen = 26;
    • IKHsenkouspanb = 52.

VirtualTradePad “CLP style”

Main characteristics:

  • Panel
    running on the symbol on which the (Current Symbol), or
    considers the total profit or loss for all symbols (All symbols).
  • Panel
    It can be used as a virtual stop loss or take profit. For this
    set the size of profit or loss in pips (Profit p or Loss p) and
    Check here and choose your character. Advisor will close
    transaction of your instrument by point. 
  • In the panel, you can select
    type of closure: profit in dollars, in pips or in% of balance sheet and
    also loss in dollars, pips or in% of the balance.
  • There is also a “CLOSE ALL” button that closes the position character or all positions (depending on selection) instantly.
  • Directly on the panel displays information about the current status of your account on the proposed closure methods.

Terms of use:

  • Place the panel on your currency pair.
  • AT
    Depending on how you want to close positions (for all characters
    or current), select the appropriate option on the panel itself.  
  • For
    In order to select the tick closure type to be active, you need to
    enter parameter values ​​other than 0, the for-profit
    It indicates a positive value, and for the loss – negative,
    eg -100.
  • Put a checkmark in the paragraphs that you want to use when closing.
  • Turn button Close if Profit or Loss, it should light up in blue. This means that the adviser involved in the work.
  • As soon as the profit or loss of your positions will cross the mark established levels, the transaction will close. 
  • Emergency button CLOSE ALL is designed to immediately close all positions.

VirtualTradePad “Info style”

Main characteristics:

  • The name of the currency pair, the presence of open positions on the character, type and lot size.
  • Ask and Bid prices in a readable format.
  • The profitability of the current position in dollars and percentage points of the current deposit.
  • The current spread (if the spread floating worth (F) in the title).
  • Current minimum indentation for stop orders and pending orders.
  • Swap short and long positions.
  • Type of execution positions.
  • The cost of 1 point in the currency of the price movement of the deposit on the currently set item in a terminal for this item.
  • Distance to the stop loss in pips and dollars.
  • Distance to take profit in pips and dollars.
  • day
    gain or loss on this currency pair to date
    dollars in the currency of the deposit, as well as a percentage of the current balance.
  • Weekly
    gain or loss on a given currency pair at the current week
    dollars in the currency of the deposit, as well as a percentage of the current balance.
  • Monthly
    gain or loss on this currency pair for the current month in dollars,
    in the deposit currency, as well as a percentage of the current balance.
  • annual
    gain or loss on this currency pair for the current year in dollars,
    deposit currency, as well as a percentage of the current balance.
  • All
    available on the history of the profit or loss for a given currency pair in
    dollars in the currency of the deposit, as well as a percentage of the current balance.

VirtualTradePad One Click Trading Panel


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