Patent wars have ended Samsung Apple agreed to

Patent wars have ended: Samsung Apple agreed to pay half a billion dollars

South Korean
Samsung Electronics said it agreed to pay
its main competitor compensation
to $ 548 million for damages caused as a result of
Copy some iPhone features.
As the newspaper writes AppleInsider, Samsung recently
It reached an agreement with Apple Inc.
and pay $ 548 176 477 for the violation of rights
its intellectual property.

the war between Apple and Samsung is from 2011:
“Yabloko” then curled that the Koreans
We copied the technology of manufacturing
and the design of their iPhone. Before the release of the first
iPhone Apple has patented
new technologies to protect their
rights to them. Among these patents there,
e.g., unlocking the movement of the screen
finger ( «slide to unlock»), which quickly
“Borrowed” by other manufacturers. Besides
of the claim specified in the patent system
data detection when displayed
phone numbers in the Address Book
the first digit, and automatic
correction words typed on a smartphone.

In May last
, a jury in the US ruled
that Samsung should pay Apple’s $ 120 million, but
not entered an injunction against the use of
technology. Samsung, in turn, supported
many other companies – Google, HTC, LG
Electronics, which convinced the court that the victory
Apple will allow the company "unfair
use of its patent for
gain a competitive advantage".

In court this September
it was decided that Apple has the right
for an injunction against certain
features Samsung, which violate devices
its patents. Federal Appeals
Court in Washington ruled that Samsung
It should update the software of its smartphones and
remove the screen unlock function
finger, autocorrect words and
quick links to programs that
mimic the properties of a patented
iPhone. However, experts doubt then,
that Koreans forced to withdraw from the
sales of its smartphones.

According to the results of trading on Monday
Apple shares fell 0.63%, shares in Samsung fell
Tuesday 14:40 MSK to 1.49%.

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