Reversal Breakout

Reversal Breakout

Reversal Breakout – a strategy of this breakdown. It is based on the Moving Average indicator and determines the market trend and the breakout point.

It is not recommended to enter the market at the turn of the price, because there are many false reversal signals, so that at the turning point better to trade the breakout.

This expert works on all timeframes, but I prefer to use it on H1 and older.

Use it on the major pairs with the lowest spreads and slippage: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, GOLD, …

  • It does not martingale
  • without grid
  • Always use a stop loss to protect your investment
  • Scalping is not risky
  • Suitable for other currency pairs
  • Easy to use (it has no complicated settings)
  • manual control panel


  • Order_Comments: a comment display
  • MagicNumber: the magic number to identify an expert, you can use several experts on one pair, but with different magic numbers
  • Lotsize_mode: has 3 values: Fixed_Lot; Fixed_Money and Risk% Balance, these values ​​represent 3 3 subparameter
    • FixedLot
    • FixedMoney ($)
    • Risk_Percentage (%) of Balance
  • _ExitRules_
  • AutoSL_TP: if you are not sure of the correct value of the TP / SL, set AutoSL_TP = true, the expert will calculate the trunk and apply AutoSL_TP_ratio coefficient for calculating the TA.
    • AutoSL_TP_ratio: how many times TA longer trunks, for example: if AutoSL_TP_ratio = 3, TA will be equal to 3 SL.
  • StopLoss: manual stop-loss, protect your account, always use a stop loss. The market may take thousands of pips, and we could lose all our money
  • TakeProfit: Manual Take Profit
  • Use_Trailing: the use of a trailing stop
    • Trailingstart: profit, necessary to enable the trailing
    • Trailingstop: distance to the current price
    • Trailingstep: minimum step move the stop-loss
  • Use_Breakeven: inclusion bezubytka
    • Breakeven_start: profit, necessary to enable this feature
    • Breakeven_profitlock: how much profit you want to save, covering commissions and swap
  • _TradingTime_ – trading hours
  • Use_TradingTime: Using the TradingTime
    • Start_hour: hour start trading from 0 to 23
    • Start_minute: minute start trading from 0 to 59
    • End_hour: Trade Deadline hour from 0 to 23
    • End_minute: Trade Deadline minute from 0 to 59
  • CloseBeforeEndoftheDay: closing of all transactions at the end of the day, after which the new transaction can not be opened.
    • Exit_Hour: h output from 0 to 23
    • Exit_Minute: minute output from 0 to 59
  • _ManualCPanel_
    • Use_CPnel: enable the use of a manual control panel
    • Ask before committing acts
    • Button_lots_Step
    • HideCPnel
    • CPnel_x
    • CPnel_y
    • CPnel_Coner

Reversal Breakout

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