NZDUSD Week start lowering pair trading recommend

NZD / USD: Week start lowering the pair. trading recommendations

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It began with the strengthening of the dollar in the market and
in a pair NZD / USD. The price index of commodities (commodity price index)
published on Friday, showed a decrease in November (-5.6% vs. 7.1% increase in
October). As a leading indicator of price changes in the export index affects
on quotations of the New Zealand dollar as the economy of New Zealand
It is focused primarily on exports. Depreciation of the dollar on Thursday,
caused massive closing of short positions on euro begins to be practiced
traders on Monday. In the absence of significant news in the calendar of the US dollar
may continue to be strengthened in the US session.

It returns a positive attitude to the dollar on the back of strong data on Friday
US labor market, as well as in anticipation of higher interest rates in the US
Fed meeting on 15-16 December.

forecast commodity prices remains negative amid slowing
Chinese and world economies, as well as a decline in oil prices and the dollar growth

The next meeting of the RBNZ, which will
addressed, including the issue of the rates will be held on 9 December. How many times
Graham said the head of the RBNZ Wheeler may further decline in interest rates
in New Zealand. The decline in world commodity prices, including
dairy products and milk powder, reduce the flow of export earnings
the country’s budget. In this regard, New Zealand needed a cheaper
National currency.

the growth of business optimism in the country (14.6 in November from 10.5 in October) and
grown up index for dairy product prices (+ 3.6% vs. -7.9% in the previous
period), in anticipation of the RBNZ meeting of December 9 and December 15-16, the Fed pair NZD / USD
It will be under pressure. More promising in this regard, the pair
NZD / USD are short positions.

NZDUSD Week start lowering pair trading recommend

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