Managing emotions in trading

Managing emotions in trading.

Managing emotions in trading.

Those who traded on the stock exchange
well aware of how difficult it is to make a profit, and how easy it is to lose the deposit,
most of the loss is due to mistakes made during
overexcitement trader.

Therefore, the trader should always remain calm no matter what it takes,
We must learn to manage emotions while sitting at a terminal screen, it is not only
It will reduce the number of impulsive decisions, but also will save your nerves.

In order to settle down should know what is causing your irritation or
excitement, an adequate view of cause will help her overcome.

For example, you are depressed
because of a failed transaction, analyze what could be done for
to reduce the loss, give yourself a word always follow this rule.
Recognize that nothing terrible has happened, it’s just a mistake you
will perform in the future and to ensure that the situation does not repeat itself,
limit the risks.

Stand for terminal, go into another room, remember the state in
which you most workable. Then return the computer and

Not unimportant is the control of impulsive decisions when the transaction
It offers just because the price is moving fast in one direction.
Avoid such deals if you did not plan to enter the market, suppress the impulse
Just count to 30, usually traffic during this time will change back and not
the fact that your input would have been successful.

Stay calm and try to avoid emotions like – anger, fear,
self-confidence, think only about what may be of practical use,
Think of every setback as a lesson and try not to repeat the mistakes.

At the same time, today’s trading, there are many ways how to limit
the impact of emotions on the result of the work, try to use them – expose
stop orders, use pending orders at the entrance, do not forget
technical analysis tools.

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