Big Three Wall Street fell on Monday

Big Three Wall Street fell on Monday

yesterday, the main
US stock indexes fell.
S P 500 lost 0.46%; Nasdaq
Composite decreased by 0.37%; Dow
Jones Industrial Average fell 0.44%.

Led yesterday
decline was consumer sector
and the health care industry: shareholders
preparing for the political news from
the central bank.

yesterday at
Internet market passed the so-called
Cyber ​​Monday, the busiest
e-commerce day of the year.
Retail S P 500 podyndeks
It fell by 1%. shares of Target
failed 1.3% after
due to congestion requests fell
site its online store.

According to the results of “black
Friday “continue to decline quotes
major retailers, including
including Wal-Mart Stores fell

Overall volume
trading yesterday was lower than usual: impact
lull, which began Thursday,
Thanksgiving Day. investors are waiting for
data that will arrive this week:
Verbal intervention Janet Yellen
and her colleagues on the FOMC, statistics
Sales of housing and the status of the processing
industry, as well as the main release
– nonfarm payrolls.

Experts write,
that the markets are waiting for central bank decisions,
but in the US stock prices
the market already laid hike
Fed, so is unlikely to go out of stock
a relatively narrow price range.

According to the results
last month Dow rose
0.3%; S P 500 – 0.1%;
Nasdaq has increased by 1.1%.
This growth helped shares credit
institutions (sector grew over the month by
1.7%), but industry lost communal
in November, 2.8%.

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