Veles Surfrider

veles Surfrider

Strategy based on the calculation of stochastic data over time. It involves additional opening when a repeated signal on the opening in the same direction. Works on all major pairs, including gold, it is possible to work well on the crosses, which are very often found in the channels.

All the work of the algorithm is carried out on a new bar selected timeframe, after switching modes closing position control of the profit made in the form of invisible trawl by the percentage of profit on each tick, which allows simultaneous use of several advisers on different pairs on one account.

On the screen shows an example of the EA on EURUSD and USDJPY. on screen parameters are not a dogma, because obtained as a result of optimization for the period last 4 months (no need for history). The actual work on the account Advisor behaves with an accuracy of 5-10% of the tester results.


  • FixLot – fixed starting amount of the order, if PercentVolum= 0
  • PercentVolum – percentage of work allocated to the deposit amount to calculate the first order
  • PercentforBalans – the percentage of funds allocated from the total deposit for councilor
  • OpenforStep – Inclusion of additional grid running from the latter open by the signal order and the order of the last volume
  • StepforOrders – opening additional orders on the grid step
  • KoefVolum – coefficient multiplying order volume by a signal
  • PercentMaxVolum – a percentage of the deposit allocated for the calculation of the maximum amount of the order
  • PercentProfit – wherein the percentage of profit by means of activated traylingstop
  • MinPercentLevelMargin – minimum margin level at which the order will not be opened
  • PercentDeviationTral – profit percentage change (decrease) after the trawl switching conditions under which the closed all warrants
  • Sleppage – slip
  • Magic – number Magica advisor
  • TimeFrame – working timeframe advisor
  • period1 – calculating the basic period data signals
  • Period2 – additional period filtering signals
  • PeriodS – signal period of the signal, is not suitable to put at least 2 and more than 10
  • LevelforOpen – tripping the opening level of the signal from 0 to 100
  • LevelforClose – traylingstopa trigger level based on the signal from 0 to 100.

As a guideline, for the adviser to use the working timeframe TimeFrame = 1H or M15. (M15 more risky)

Optimized for the currency pair must following parameters (less risky to seek the minimum and maximum profitability drawdown):

  • PercentProfit, 0.5 to 10.5
  • PercentMaxVolum, 5 to 13
  • period1, M15 at 45-90, at 13-30 1H
  • Period2, when M15 45-90, at 13-30 1H
  • PeriodS, 2 to 10
  • LevelforOpen, 10 to 30
  • LevelforClose, 45 to 70

When testing and optimization of the parameters in the EA put the necessary TimeFrame , and self testing to make timeframe 1M tester.

Veles Surfrider

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