SILVER pressure on metal may increase

SILVER: pressure on the metal may increase

fundamental base

Silver It remains under pressure. One of
the key factors putting pressure on the metal, are waiting for
monetary policy the US Federal Reserve. It is known that the silver does not make a percentage
income, that in such conditions makes it less attractive for investment.
In addition, the dollar shows a steady growth. As you know, precious
metal is nominated in US dollars. And it has an additional
pressure. Today will be published revised data on growth rates
American economy. If the index is revised upward
(First evaluation Q3 GDP + 1.5% per annum), the market with a new force
will start to be put on a rate hike in December, which will dollar
support. Against this background, the silver may continue to fall.

technical reasons

13.990 price level formed a support. Provided that the level will
overcome, could increase sales, that will trigger the acceleration of the fall. On
quotes daily chart are kept below the level of a sliding interval of 50
average, which also allows you to wait for the fall, after the rollback is complete.

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