XAUUSD Breakout

XAUUSD Breakout

Advisor is designed to trade on XAUUSD M30 on the basis of the analysis of the maximum and minimum, the RSI indicator and the use of pending orders. I tested on tick data history for more than 8 years with 99% modeling quality. In the accompanying screenshots shown testing a Monte Carlo analysis using 200 models. Advisor was cluster analysis. For best results, we recommend a broker with low spreads and slippage. Do not need to adjust the settings, the adviser comes with optimized settings.

I recommend to also read my other products, as they work well together.

Big score is not required. I recommend trading in the account of $ 500 a lot of 0.01 or 0.02.


  • Each transaction is protected by stop orders (Stop Loss and Take Profit)
  • It can operate as a fixed lot, and the percentage of available funds
  • Do not use martingale, grid and scalping
  • It does not consume excessive CPU resources
  • Easy to use
  • All parameters are optimized
  • Long-term strategy

Before purchasing an expert, please contact the author for questions you may have.


  • MinimumSLTP = 500 – the minimum level of stop-loss / take profit
  • MaximumSLTP = 1500 – the maximum level of stop-loss / take profit
  • UseMoneyManagement = false – enable / disable automatic money management
  • LotsDecimals = 2 – broker should allow trade micro lots; If your broker does not support micro-lots, set the value to 1
  • RiskInPercent = 2.0 – risk per trade as a percentage of the account balance
  • MaximumLots = 0.5 – maximum lot by using money management
  • TradeLong = true – enable / disable the transaction for the purchase of
  • TradeShort = true – enable / disable the transaction for sale
  • MaxSlippage = 3 – Maximum slippage
  • MagicNumber = 2242 – the magic number for the transaction advisor
  • CustomComment = “XAUUSD_BREAKOUT” – user comment for the story deals
  • EmailNotificationOnTrade = false – at the opening of the transaction to the specified email-address is sent to the notification, in this case you must you must specify the SMTP-server settings in MetaTrader 4.
  • DisplayInfoPanel = false – Enable or disable the display of the information panel on the chart

XAUUSD Breakout

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