Banking cleaning when it’s all over

Banking cleaning: when it’s all over?

For the second year
Russia’s central bank keeps in suspense
the entire banking sector: constant
inspection, enforcement
standards, rapid tests. Subject reviews
licenses, renovation has become so
common in federal and
regional media, which began this
a lot to say, even the Russians themselves. In general, each of us is afraid of
– that it is the bank in which the person
keep their savings in one
time will go bankrupt. economists and
Journalists called the action of the central bank
“Banking cleansing” because
control in fact really saves
the banking system from the weak players.
Of course, the Bank of Russia did this and
before, but for some reason in the last few years
This process has become very active, and more
rigid, and reports of withdrawal of licenses
They began to appear almost every week.
Constantly, we see the news and statements
from the introduction of temporary control
administrations in the banks, the Agency
Insurance payments on deposits
funds to depositors of bankrupt
banks, etc. Journalists are very much
talk about the huge queues
customers at offices of small and medium-sized
Banks that want to take their

According to the economic
commentator Alexander Kareevskogo,
The Bank of Russia is doing everything right, and
the results of this “cleansing” will
satisfied and the citizens themselves – the truth,
Only after some time. For example,
Central Bank this week talked about the state of
the banking system in the Russian Federation: 78 Credit
Institutions have imposed restrictions on reception
contributions. And people begin again
panic – whether to wait for new mass reviews
license, whether it is necessary to worry?

Official name
throughout this procedure, which lasts
second year – “rehabilitation of the banking
system. ” Once worked in Russia
thousands of credit institutions,
and now there are about 700 that
really work. There are even rumors that
over time, the central bank will leave only
State-owned banks and a dozen of the most
large private – even link
the list of socially significant credit
organizations that publish government
and they are there in the list of all 10 pieces. Can
be, other banks will have no one
Not needed?

But it is unlikely that the government
and the central bank has such a task. But with
on the other hand, the fact, too, have
their reasons. When oil traded
$ 100 per barrel, minor shortcomings in
the banks were not so dangerous. And here
while real and serious inspections
Suddenly it turns out that a bunch of Russian
banks – this is not even the banks and
a kind of “washout office”, or
even worse – personal wallets of large
Entrepreneurs and their friends. Part
credit organizations received income
due to speculation in financial markets,
and the other does exist only for
by predatory tariffs and due to the growing
boom in consumer lending.

There are problems in the most
system as a whole, and this is understandable. central bank
He does not want to give money to banks
long-term, because he is afraid,
that will not get them back in time, and the citizens,
in turn, did not trust banks and
not too eager to share their savings
for long periods and at the first
danger of trying to withdraw money from

Here also the banks themselves,
of course, well done. When the world was
oil boom, banks are happy
gaining cheap money abroad,
then resell them to the public
an exorbitant price in the form of loans in rubles and
even wonder what the Russians do not
will be able to pay those exorbitant interest
in case of worsening of the market situation.
Experts in this regard like to say:
“But we have been warned.” That’s
it turned out that a large number
banks, advertising their services
every corner, “vparivali” their loans
every second – and all of this was possible,
because the state is very weak
controlled system. only two years
ago adopted the law on consumer
Credit when half the country already
mired in debt (by the way, this law
We could not take over at
at least 10 years!). Then the controller was able to
officially restrict the rate on loans, ordered
to give full information about the borrower
the ultimate value of bets on the amounts
monthly payments and overpayments. Remember
Not long ago, the bank could easily
advertise “unusually low”
rate of 20%, and the small print at the end of
treaty prescribed a bunch of VAS and
eventually the borrower receives a loan at 40%, and
even under 120% per annum.

Of course, bad loans
– it’s not the only problem, it
added to the overall weakness of the economy,
reduced income Russians, and indeed
the weakness of the world economy as a whole. AT
Basically, many banks lose licenses
because that does not fulfill the requirements
and regulations of the central bank, and therefore,
obviously considered to be very risky and
“Bankrupt” potential. Another one
reason – criminal bankruptcy, it
when the owners purposely withdrawn
Assets of the bank, and it is logical,
It leads to bankruptcy.

So, dishonest
Bankers will continue to flee to
save his own skin, and we did not hear again
news of the withdrawal of licenses from banks. But
the question of how long it will last
and how much we are at the end of “cleansing” will see
banks (500, 200, 100?), and remain without

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