Dollar near 3 month high euro fell to 4 month low

Dollar near 3-month high euro fell to 4-month low

Friday, the dollar remained near three-month highs. participants
Markets await the release of statistics on business
Non-Farm Payrolls
in the United States (nonfarm payrolls). traders
and investors will assess whether the data
so strong, to strengthen
expectations of Fed rate rise next

dollar to six major currencies rose
11:00 MSK to 0.09% and is on the mark
98.18 points. USDJPY added
0.11% since the beginning of the day and is trading at 121.89 ?.
0.07% to $ 1.0875 point.

Forex strategy
It said that the Fed is likely,
It is trying to preserve the opportunity for growth
rates in December and hopes to strengthen
it: so, on Wednesday, Janet Yellen directly
I talked about it. representatives
investment bank Barclays
wrote: “There have been no comments from
Fed officials, according to which,
they will try to lower the barrier to
wage increase (this is one
of the weak points in the last report
a few months). We think that the growth
jobs should reach 170 000 –
180,000, to further improve the
expectations of growth rates. ”

Reuters average forecast of economists
now stands at 180,000, is higher
September’s sluggish recovery to 142,000.
And if the data will strengthen growth prospects
interest rates, the dollar could jump more
higher. it rises still further and
background growth in yields of US bonds,
but this is not enough to support
a further rise in prices.

It is under pressure: ECB signals
on additional mitigation opportunities
monetary policy since the end of October.
So yesterday, against the background of growth of the dollar,
EURUSD pair sank to a mark
$ 1.0834, the most
lowest since July. Now the pair is recovered
to $ 1.0882. If the reduction
the single currency continues, breakdown
the support level around $ 1.0810
– 1.0820 may lead to testing
April’s low of $ 1.0521.

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