Advisor HF-Scalping – an automated, high-frequency trading strategies for MT4 platform, which is based on two indicators: the indicator of price movement (the idea of ​​BJF Trading Group inc.) And display Keltner channel.

Advisor analyzes not only the candle length (M1), but the characteristics of the formation of suppositories (both were formed High and Low). HF-Scalping Forex broker sensitive and we recommend the use of EA on ECN / STP accounts.

  • Currency: EURUSD, AUDUSD
  • Platform: MT4
  • Period: M1
  • Based on the indicator Keltner Channel
  • Not Martingale not Grieder
  • It uses the SL and TP-order
  • Risk: medium
  • Sensitive to the broker
  • Built-in Money Management System
  • No need for reoptimization

Outside The Adviser

  • gd_Volume = 0.1; lot size, if Money management = false
  • money management parameters
  • gb_MoneyManagement = false; enable / disable money management
  • ped_MinLot = 0.01; Minimum lot size
  • ped_MaxLot = 10.0; maximum lot size
  • ped_Risk = 10.0; the maximum number of simultaneously open lots

High-frequency trading

Trading Strategy, computer-controlled and characterized by a high volume of transactions, very short lifetime positions and fast (rule-based) automatic buying and selling. High-frequency trading is done by computer algorithms for short-term profit.

The results of actual trading

Gross Profit: 69 283.42 Gross Loss: 14 194.14 Total Net Profit: 55 089.28
Profit Factor: 4.88 Expected Payoff: 70.99  
Absolute Drawdown: 46.21 Maximal Drawdown: 1 577.92 (10.48%) Relative Drawdown: 23.07% (1 236.67)
Total Trades: 776 Short Positions (won%): 517 (50.10%) Long Positions (won%): 259 (33.59%)
Profit Trades (% of total): 346 (44.59%) Loss trades (% of total): 430 (55.41%)
Largest profit trade: 2 606.19 loss trade: -598.91
Average profit trade: 200.24 loss trade: -33.01
Maximum consecutive wins ($): 18 (13 657.98) consecutive losses ($): 16 (-49.41)
Maximal consecutive profit (count): 13 657.98 (18) consecutive loss (count): -1 577.92 (10)
Average consecutive wins: 3 consecutive losses: 3


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