Trade Copier Agent

Trade Copier Agent

Advisor to the Trade Copier Agent is designed to copy trades across multiple accounts / MetaTrader 4.

With this tool, you can act both as a supplier (source) and the receiver (destination). All trading activities are copied from the supplier to the recipient without delay.

Main functions:

  • A single tool for both providers and recipients.
  • Each account can be both supplier and recipient, so that accounts can copy each other by two-way transactions. It forms a network of common transactions.
  • One supplier can copy transactions to the accounts of multiple recipients.
  • One can obtain copy of the transaction discounted multiple vendors.
  • Copied not only the inputs and outputs, but also the SL / TP change. Thus, the recipient is protected in case of shutdown of the terminal or the connection is lost.
  • On account of the recipient can still trade manually or use other advisors without any conflicts between them.
  • Settings of the lot size.
  • Filtering copy of SL or TP levels.
  • Filtering for copying on types of orders.
  • Possibility to copy back.
  • Restore previous settings, and state after closing the terminal or turn off the computer.
  • Control panel in real time.
  • Simplicity and ease of use.

Settings & Options

  • Choose mode: mode selection for the current account. Select one of two roles: Provider (source transactions) and Receiver (recipient of transactions).
  • Provider’s account number: enter the account number of the supplier, the deal with which will be copied.
  • Max. slippage: maximum allowable slippage to copy transactions. Prices of different brokers may vary, so if the current price on the account of the recipient exceeds the maximum slipping compared with the entry price on the account of the supplier, the deal will not be copied. This is useful to prevent undesired slippage copied transactions, especially in the moments of higher volatility (e.g., during a news release).
  • Max. delay: the maximum waiting time, during which the transaction can be copied from the supplier to the recipient. If the time since the opening of the transaction exceeded the supplier, the deal will not be copied. It works for instant execution of market orders. This setting avoids the outdated copy transactions if the account / destination terminal, for some reason, some time is not available. For example, trade timeout parameter = 60 seconds. If the recipient will suddenly become unavailable during the opening of the order for purchase / sale and the connection will be established within 60 seconds, the order will be copied. But if you will take more than 60 seconds, this order will be ignored.
  • Set lotsize by: the size of the installation method of the lot to be copied transactions on the account of the recipient. There are 3 options:
    • = Provider’s lot size: lot size of the recipient will be the same as the lot size supplier.
    • Multiply with provider’s lotsize: lot size on account of the beneficiary will be equal to the size of the vendor bid multiplied by a certain factor.
    • Fixed lotsize: fixed lot size. On account of the recipient will be used regardless of the fixed lot size of the lot at the source.
  • Order filter: Select the type of orders for copying. Some filters are both suppliers and recipient, but the choice of provider is a priority. There are several options:
    • Buy orders: up buy orders.
    • Sell ​​orders: up sell orders.
    • Pending orders: up pending orders.
    • Copy SL / TP: up levels of SL and TP orders.
    • Custom magic: copying orders specify a magic number.
    • Custom pair: Only trade on custom pair is copied (used in conjunction with one of these types).

Feel free to express their opinions about the tool …. and let me know if there is a need for improvement.


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