EURUSD Federal Philharmonic

EURUSD. Federal Philharmonic

Against the background of complete lack of important fundamental events
the pair will continue to move at the last session in the direction specified early as
Last Thursday, after the good of the consumer inflation data in the US.

Bears managed to develop and install a downward movement
the third lower daily low. Few people want to buy the pair at
the eve of the ECB meeting and subsequent press conference Mario Draghi that
He, as usual, can be used to lower the euro, by
intimidation future expansion of the quantitative easing program. Besides
that tomorrow will address the next chorus of officials of the Federal
Reserve, Powell, Dudley, and behind them, and the most Janet Yellen. If it is not rhetoric
change much and, despite a significant deterioration in the macroeconomic
Statistics in recent years, it continues to claim that the majority of members
Committee sees increasing interest rates before the end of this year, four more
lowest daily minimum will be guaranteed.

painting and trading strategy.

R4 1.1460 daily high September 18

R3 1.1440 daily high September 17

R2 1.1395 daily high Oct. 16

R1 1.1380 daily high Oct. 17

Current price 1.1320

S1 1.1300 psychological level

S2 1.1260 daily low October 9

S3 1.1230 daily low October 8

S4 1.1210 daily low October 7

Daily and hourly indicators are pointing downwards and
are still plenty of room for further movement. Because of the negative
fundamental background to buy euros to Thursday rather risky, but the range
1.1270-1.1300 looks pretty hard to overcome it and bears can
will need additional incentives. Therefore, it is desirable to wait for sales
higher levels around 1.1380-1.1400.

Sell ​​limit 1.1380, stop 1.1510, profit 1.1310, 1.1270

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