Oil in United States record reserves but production

Oil in the United States: a record reserves, but production is minimal rate

Yesterday, after the
US oil inventory reports
prices have fallen sharply, but then again
We returned to growth. On Friday morning,
increasing positive in the market is maintained. By 9:40
Brent futures traded
at $ 50.34
(+ 1,23%), WTI –
at $ 47.07
(+ 1.49%). It seems that the participants still market
We found an occasion for growth.

Yesterday in the center
attention were the data on stocks and the level of
US production, which are a little surprised
markets. Last week
official oil reserves rose immediately
to 7.562 million barrels, although the previous day
The American Petroleum Institute also reported huge increase (more than
9 million barrels). Such growth stocks – the maximum in the last six months.

Following the publication of reports
quotes instantly fell, but later
for some time and were bounced
in the region of $ 47-50 per barrel.

Experts say that
rally that we have seen in the past
week, already completely exhausted itself,
and prices return to the already familiar
price band. However, not all investors have paid attention to one
positive point – the oil production in the US
again fallen – up to a minimum of 11 months.

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