Volume Analyzer

Volume Analyzer

If you believe in market makers, or in a set of small transactions, manage the market, this indicator is for you. His task – to show the forces driving the market in either direction. It can also show where the market tends to move in the absence of these forces.

This is a fairly simple indicator. It does not use any complex algorithms, but despite this, it will be a great addition (or base) of any trading system. Fine cuts off the so-called “false” signals of other indicators. Useful bezyndikatornoy (!) Trade, as his main goal – to make your understanding of the market situation more deeply.

How it works?

In the calculations used three quantities:

  • volume (temporary checking only tick)
  • offset midpoint (4 available method of its calculation)
  • value for opening and closing the candle (ie, bullish or bearish candle)

If the growth of the volume displacement of the midpoint and the opening / closing of the same, then this situation consider push. If the growth of the volume displacement of the midpoint and the opening / closing are not the same, then this situation consider U-turn.

If output growth does not occur, the market did not push from the outside, trying to find a balance. As a rule, the next push is precisely in the direction of natural motion.

Tremors drawn colored thick line in the volume graph (default blue – bullish, red -.. Bear customizable) reversals – more thick (optional). Stir in passive mode, you can enable an option (shown in the bottom of the chart).


  • Bottom part is … – what to display in the lower part of the chart? options:
    1. Empty – nothing;
    2. Real Higher TF – real senior timeframe;
    3. Emulated Higher TF – emulation of older FFs by the values ​​of the current;
    4. Higher TF with custom period – emulation of random senior TF, multiple current;
    5. Smoothed trend – smoothed volumes and trend;
    6. Inactive movement – the movement of prices in the absence of shocks;
  • TimeFrame – timeframe (for modes Real Higher TF and Emulated Higher TF);
  • Period – period / multiplicity (for Higher TF with custom period modes and Smoothed trend);
  • Trend Period – period calculating trend (for Smoothed trend modes and Inactive movement);
  • Midpoint is … – how to calculate the center of the bar?
  • Show turn signals – show reversal signals?
  • BUY signal color, SELL signal color, NO signal color – choice of color schemes for signals;
  • Limit bars to count – on the calculation of the depth limit to avoid “slowdown”. 0 – no limits.

the robot was created to verify the performance indicator. Despite the fact that all the same the indicator for manual trading, Robot gave positive results. Of course, getting the indicator you will get the robot for free. To do this, turn to me with a personal message.

Volume Analyzer

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