US again became most expensive global brand

US again became the most expensive global brand

According to studies Brand Finance, the world’s most expensive brand once again been recognized by the United States, ahead of China. At the same time, Russia and Ukraine were among the five states with the worst dynamics over the past god.Brand Finance estimated the brand “the United States” to 19.7 trillion dollars. Note that the value of the brand is evaluated according to several criteria: GDP, the level of the country’s attractiveness to investors, the business environment and so on. In addition to the powerful US economy, analysts who conducted the study, noted quite a large market, whose members want to pay more for products with a mark «Made in USA» .KNR was the second highest brand value in the world. Over the past year the brand has lost 1% of the price, and now it will cost 6.31 trillion dollars, while the value of the previous year was at a level of 6.35 trillion. This decline is associated with deterioration of the growth rate of China’s GDP, and a collapse in commodity tovary.Brend RF fallen in price by 31%, to 810 billion dollars, and took the 18th place in the ranking. Last year Russia occupied the 12th position and brand value amounted to 1.18 trillion dollars.

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