Sagacious Forex Robot

Sagacious Forex Robot

Commercial Counselor Sagacious Forex Robot allows you to determine the current trend to identify and starting a trend, and the trend shows excessive before the reversal and uses arrow to refer to changes in price direction.

Advisor connects fundamental data and technical strategy opens up the position during the most active periods using current and historical data to estimate future prices and are at the basis of their entry and exit points.

Depending on the settings adviser recognizes and responds appropriately to changes in the price action, by pulling the stop-loss and partially taking profit.

Counselor tries to translate into profit reversal or trend continuation after a lateral movement, and facilitates market entry and exit during high or low volatility. This is achieved by setting a pending order is determined near the level of support or resistance. This minimizes the emotion in the trade, as used stop-loss, take profit and trailing stop.

  • OldPeriod = 100 – period of history to analyze the data, use a sufficient depth stories.
  • NewLimit = 100 – the setting for the opening level, requires sufficient value
  • GridLevel = 100 – value mesh levels (e.g. 50, 80, 100, 150, 200, 250.300) – depends on broker (80-150: the lower the value, the less risk)
  • TakeProfit = 300 – Take Profit for the transactions on purchase
  • TakeProfit2 = 300 – take profit for sales transactions
  • StopLoss = 600 – Stop-loss for the transactions on purchase
  • StopLoss2 = 600 – Stop-loss for the transactions on purchase
  • TrailingStop = 50– Trailing for the transactions on purchase
  • TrailingStop2 = 50 – Trailing for sales transactions
  • Amount = thirty – minimum profit for moving transaction.

Sagacious Forex Robot

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